“One Last Ride”, Episode 21 of The Gospel Friends

“One Last Ride”
Episode 21 of The Gospel Friends


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Game: Geek Trivia (Nick)


The Main Event

Houston. The city subpoenas pastors’ sermons in equal rights ordinance case.

Driscoll’s Resignation
Statement by Mars Hill: https://marshill.com/2014/10/15/pastor-mark-driscolls-resignation

Exclusive: Mark Driscoll’s resignation letter to Mars Hill Church


Listener Feedback

From The Twitter

Jon Lorbacher (@Jon_Lorbacher)
@mygospelfriends outlawing homelessness is about as useful as outlawing crime. It doesn’t take care of the problem. I think that the church does need to be taking care of homeless regardless of what the government cares to do.

Jon Lorbacher (@Jon_Lorbacher) and John Duncan (@jsduncan04)
Jon L:  In response to xtians drinking I think the Bible says not only is drinking OK but one can even enjoy the effects thereof. I think the psalmist makes that clear in saying wine which gladdens the heart. drunkenness is a sin and discernment is incredibly important. the gladdening of the heart and relaxation certainly doesn’t appear sinful. I may be wrong  John D: I agree that a drink in itself is not a sin; My objection to drinking is no one knows if they have an addictive body chemistry until it’s too late. I judge drinking only on professed doctrine. I’m Baptist so I don’t drink. If Methodist OK in moderation.

Superdad (@IamSuperdad)
A man stumbling out of water, mask and snorkel, carrying a bucket, fins on feet, casting net wrapped around shoulders…that is why a select number of people know Chase as Aquaman.

The Gospel Friends (@mygospelfriends)
So – Has anybody seen the new #leftbehind movie? Was it good? Funny? Unintentionally funny? #rapture

Thomas Horrocks (@thomaslhorrocks) awful. But fun if you go with someone who will mock it with you
William Weaver (@wllmwvr50) not as painful as some of the old lb videos. Too predictable..plot centers on a airlplane. No surprise there.

The Gospel Friends (@mygospelfriends) This might be a spot offensive, but we mean it in good fun.

Jenny Mac Rogers (@JennyMac1207): New favorite twitter account to follow: @mygospelfriends Because this:…

Drew Marshall (@WeRYouthCulture) a Christian podcast dedicated to having an unchrist-like attitude toward Joel Osteen!!! Lame!

Josh Laney (@xEtrnlSoulx) lol! I feel like you guys worry about offending people too much. But I respect your sensitivity to the potential of it.

MOE (@MOEMJB1) So judgmental.That’s God’s job,but I guess you all feel He died and made you Gods.We’re all a work in progress
Tweet Lottery (@PrizeLucky53212)

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Brad Melton (@BradEMelton)
@mygospelfriends #GOHOGS! #BeatBama! … #ThatIsAll Don’t understand why you won’t fave my #BeatBama tweet. @jdavidmcconnell Can I get a witness? #GOHOGS! #WPS! One day I may retire to Gulf Shores. Can’t afford to become a Bama fan though. Evil is expensive. #GOHOGS! #BeatBama! 😉

Phil Benson (@jaucourt)
So I’ve been mixing up the @mygospelfriends and @ReformedPodcast podcasts. Explain for@ReformedPodcast why I’ve sent some odd tweets #doh

Josh Laney (@xEtrnlSoulx)
@mygospelfriends did “Captain” get raptured towards the end of the episode?!?! Or did he hit the mute button? AND Superdad (@IamSuperdad)
So Cap’n couldn’t finish the show due to be so distraught about bears hairs being ripped out my iPhone 6. Interesting.

FunkyStickman (@FunkyStickman)
@mygospelfriends Love the attention, but have to say as a guitarist I love Shawn Lombard’s music. Won’t hurt my feelings using his music! AND Yeeee Haw! Can’t think of better reason to be a Redneck than this:youtube.com/watch?v=1jnKVP…

Caretaker Man (@baptistfixer)
After listening to latest @mygospelfriends ep, I’m fairly certain I’m not getting the new iPhone. My glorious beard > hipster technology AND FYI: Pizza Hut promo: Guinea pigs were given as a garnish. That’s how we do dinner down here.

Tim Poole (@tpoole33)
As long as there’s strength in this body, you won’t hug me like a #JapaneseChair @mygospelfriends, it’s just not gonna happen.

Jeremiah Martin
On the one hand, I’m pumped that I was mentioned a half dozen times on the podcast. On the other hand, I feel like I wasted my first call with a terrible story… Haha. Not gonna lie, I was just thinking that every time I was mentioned I was referred to by my full name. Immanuel Marsh is just Immanuel, Dan Richardson is just Dan (from Australia), or @BaptistFixer. I was wondering how many Jeremiah’s are in the Hall that you have to emphasize my last name? Haha. I was looking forward to a nickname, but I’m slightly underwhelmed by your suggestion, David. Unless of course my superhero name is Captain Cadaver, which would be killer!
David McConnell Jeremiah – done.

Immanuel Marsh
What I learned from Episode XX:
1. The iPhone 6’s newest feature, a close shave, is not catching on with consumers.
2. Apparently, not having an affair is not high on the list of how to affair-proof your marriage.
3. Reformed/Calvinists believe that God, in his sovereignty, ordained for you to marry that abusive, adulterous, and cruel spouse so that he can receive glory, and your children can enjoy the bountiful blessing that is therapy.
Great show guys.
P.S. – Sorry for the 4-star review. I am cursed with being too honest for my own good (ask my wife). I think I deducted a star for Nick’s repeated “The Twitter” usage. However, the show that I was on is definitely a 5 star show (but only because that’s as high the rating will allow). If it makes you feel any better I finally listened to the RELEVANT podcast, and immediately thought they should add “IR” to their title. I would give them 2 stars.

Tony Vance
Just want to say you’ve offended the funeral director part of your audience (I’ve served as a Funeral Director for 24 years now) with Jeremiah Martin’s story-ugh Immanuel Marsh No one’s safe Tony. No one.

Jacob Hatcher
Thanks for the shoutout as well as the prayers, guys. I would have mentioned football as my first post but Alabama’s loss to Ole Miss and barely surviving Arkansas means I would much rather discuss the rapture. A world in which Kentucky is making a run for the East and Ole Miss and Miss State are vying for number 1 would lead me to believe in Post Trib, because the Beast surely walks among us

Chris James Stuttard
Sports related post!
Shout out to Wales at there good run In the Euro qualifiers as we have never ever qualified!
Chase Thompson Chris: are you a Proper Welshman? That is fantastic if so. What is the Wales team name? Chris James Stuttard Chase lol team name is Wales like the usa is usa hahahaha Chris James Stuttard Chase if u mean in Welsh it’s Cymru
Coming up on The Gospel Friends
Brad Melton
October 14 at 4:04pm
Would appreciate this as a podcast discussion topic -entrepreneurial tent making vs. full-time missions support raising.


The Aftershow

David has a confession…



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“Is That A Phone In Your Beard Or Are You Just A Hipster”, Episode 20 of The Gospel Friends

“Is That A Phone In Your Beard Or Are You Just A Hipster”
Episode 20 of The Gospel Friends

What’s On Tap?

The Cold Open

What Were You Thinking?!? Global Trivia Edition


The Main Event

8 Ways for Pastors to Affair-Proof Their Marriage, Chase

Advice for the Marriage in Trouble, David

Bi-vocational Ministry, Nick


Listener Feedback

#ATHEIST ‏@ReligionStupid  35m35 minutes ago
Just listened to the @mygospelfriends podcast. All of them.

I only like when it’s over.

Dalton Blankenship ‏@momisnowtweetin  2h2 hours ago
@mygospelfriends What a joy to be able to enjoy laughter w ‘preacher folk!’ Great show (#19) I’m hooked! Gospel—like Jesus would do it today
Shmucky McShmuck ‏@antonahill  3h3 hours ago
In which I give a shout-out to @mygospelfriends! The #AtheistEditedShow with The #DevoutAtheist: http://youtu.be/WqEpAa4EJhs

MOE ‏@MOEMJB1  13h13 hours ago
@mygospelfriends  @jason_kees So judgmental.That’s God’s job,but I guess you all feel He died and made you Gods.We’re all a work in progress

Jeremiah Martin ‏@jeremiahdmartin  22h22 hours ago
“Let the listener decide, as the Bible says.” – @mygospelfriends podcast. #solidexegesis

Drew H ‏@TheReal_DrewH  Oct 5
@mygospelfriends what do you use to record other than mic?

Ryan @Salaboomhead
@mygospelfriends I have to admit being Canadian and I did enjoy your global segment…@mygospelfriends however next time I shall not listen to your podcast while eating chicken like I did this time … Chicken lost its appeal

Chris Land @jchrisland
Listening to @mygospelfriends talking about a girl having a hairball in her stomach. Thanks guys. Now I feel sick 😉

Church Member Anon
It’s time to listen to the new @mygospelfriends episode. So far I learned I can get a chair from Japan that hugs me.

Let There B Movies
@mygospelfriends Ep. 18, re: your southern accents… I only pickup a southern twang from David. Chase and Nick are pretty normal 😉

Old Paths Guide
@LetThereBMovies @mygospelfriends I don’t hear accents. I’m from the south where Jesus lives and when He talks to me it’s with a drawl. @mygospelfriends This was just about my favorite first 1/2 hour of the show you guys have ever done. Hilarious.

John Latimer
I wanted to thank you all for a couple of things as I drove to work: 1) you made me laugh so hard in the first 30 minutes of the podcast this week that I sprayed Diet Dr Pepper all over the inside of my car (which wasn’t helped by the fact that half my mouth is numb from the dentist) and 2) I made a Hoover motorcycle cop laugh at me after he saw me spray said soda in my car. Thanks.

Funky Stinkman
@mygospelfriends Website isn’t showing show notes from eps. 16-19. http://t.co/dSnVgW0GXC

Immanuel Marsh
What I learned from Episode 19:
1. The Bible does not mention cats (Because lions and leopards apparently don’t count).
2. The Gospel Friends’ kryptonite is Bible trivia.
3. iPhone 6 is the leading cause of divorce among pastors.

Jeff Hendricks
Question from Episode 19:If you are a professional (full-time) minister, do you feel (or have you in the past felt) like this limits your freedom in what you can and can’t teach about? What about music ministers? Do you feel a paycheck hinders your freedom to lead worship freely?
For years, I wanted to be a (mostly) full-time music minister, until I actually got the chance to do so. I quickly found that most churches that had paid music staff were very *very* particular in how they carried out their responsibilities. I’ve seen over and over again how the deacon committee dictated exactly what the ministerial staff did, and how they did it.
At one point, I even had someone comment “We pay you $___ so that works out to like, $__ per song!” I no longer lead worship for money… I’m not sure I would ever do so again. It would have to be under extremely unique circumstances for me to agree to it.
If you have experience with this (good or bad) I’d love to hear it. We can encourage each other here without fear of accusation or condemnation.

More From the Hall This Week

Jacob Hatcher
Hey Hall of Dogma! I’m a new listener and new to the Hall. Pre and Post Trib has been mentioned on a couple of episodes. Was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were!

Jacob Hatcher Thanks David. Our most urgent prayer is that he be able to breathe with as little assistance as possible from the machines. He had a heart surgery last Friday that he’s recovering relatively well from so we praise God for that. He’ll be in the NICU until at least Thanksgiving, so just prayers for his continued growth and our sanity. (On top of a three month early baby I work full time retail management and full time seminary student).

Jeremiah Martin
In Episode 19, you guys mentioned some people being in ministry and saying “If I could do anything else, I would… but I have to support my family.” Great thoughts on the topic, but I actually have the opposite problem. I love the work I do, but I’ve always had a heart for ministry. I’ve struggled for a long time with the idea of perpetually “preparing” for ministry and never actually being in full-time ministry. Granted, I realize not all ministry is full-time or vocational, but I travel regularly for my job and I end up missing church regularly, no less trying to be involved in ministries there. Any thoughts?

James Mc Sorley
Q for the hall. I recently heard a discussion between two reformed guys talking about John Mac Arthur on Larry Kings show. Larry asked John about his views on whether or not an infant that dies goes to heaven. Without hesitation John said they did. I was surprised to hear these two saying, that this was a dangerous position to take, as there was no scriptural proof for that viewpoint. Further they then went on to say that if an infant did go straight to heaven, christians should not protest abortion .I thought this was a staggering viewpoint. Its true everyone is born with a fallen nature and guilty in that regard, but an infant is unable to sin by practise, therefore I believe the atonement totally covers them. Also I could never conceive that God would condemn an infant. I personally agree with Mac Arthur and believe there is scriptural proof i.e 2Sam v21-23 also the bible is full of other references of little children and babies in the glory. Spurgeon also has a great sermon on the subject titled ” infant salvation”. Sensitive issue this one, but well worth a discussion.

Tony Vance
Here’s a doozy for theological thinking…
My denomination practices foot-washing as we believe Christ commanded us to do, ‘If I then , your Lord and Master , have washed your feet ; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet . ‘ (John 13:14).
So what’s the thoughts on this, ‘not much practiced’ practice?


The Aftershow

Preaching Alabama – New Reality Show



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“I Want To Hug You Like A Japanese Chair”, Episode 19 of The Gospel Friends

I Want To Hug You Like A Japanese Chair

“I Want To Hug You Like A Japanese Chair”
Episode 19 of The Gospel Friends


What’s On Tap?


The Cold Open

What Were You Thinking?!? Global Edition


The Undercard 

Chase’s Bible Quiz


The Main Event

From Bean: The role of Serving in the Christian life; the Biblical command to serve (David)
This recent New York Times piece (http://takingnote.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/09/24/treating-homeless-people-like-criminals/?_php=true&_type=blogs&ref=opinion&_r=0) discusses the recent trend of local municipalities attempting to outlaw homelessness in what I would consider the worst way possible. Why isn’t the church more concerned with this sort of thing? How should the church respond, and how do The Gospel Friends feel about the homeless being treated in this manner?

Big Deal or Little Deal? (Chase)

Muslim Prayer penalized and Max Lucado’s support

Gordon College to lose accreditation

10 Bad Reasons to Be a Pastor (Nick)


Listener Feedback

Shout out to Rob W. Johnson for defending the faith on his FB page: https://www.facebook.com/rwjohnson90?fref=ufi RE: Ravi Z and the problem of evil.

Let There Be Movies ‏@LetThereBMovies
@mygospelfriends Ep. 17, that constipated joke really blocked up the whole flow of the conversation…

Oldpaths Guide (@oldpathsguide)
@mygospelfriends Terrific! Thanks so much for the biblical faithfulness addressing a controversial (in some camps) issue.

FunkyStickman (@FunkyStickman)
@mygospelfriends On a scale of 1 to 10, your Southern Drawl Index (collectively) is about a 3-4. @FunkyStickman So, scientifically speaking, who would you say is the drawliest? @mygospelfriends Well…. would have to say David. Nick and Chase only draw out their R’s a little. O_o

Church Member Anon (@Anonchurchmembr)
@mygospelfriends Thanks for the shout out on the podcast. @mygospelfriends I really enjoyed this week’s episode. Probably . your best to date. BTW it’s not a drawl…it is an accent you guys do have.

Megan Lindley (@MeganLindley3)
@mygospelfriends LOL… I’m only 11 minutes into podcast episode 18 and I really, really want to help y’all out!#painful #whereisDutchat

Superdad (@IamSuperdad)
@mygospelfriends If I could print out the picture in my mind of Chase at the beach, you would forever know him as Aquaman as I do.

Jones Podcasting (@jonespodcasting)
@mygospelfriends Listening to your latest episode at your state ranking list. I live in Texas and have tweeted you before.

Depressed Christian (@DepressedXian)
@mygospelfriends Your southern twangs brighten my day From deepest black to darkest grey.


The Aftershow

Chase, why is Janet selling furniture on FB?



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“Where Is Dutch At?”, Episode 18 of The Gospel Friends

“Where Is Dutch At?”
Episode 18 of The Gospel Friends

Subtitle: “Oh Crikey, that is not a handsome woman”


What’s On Tap?


The Cold Open

What Were You Thinking?!? Global Edition


The Undercard

Game: David


The Main Event

Can / Should Christians drink alcohol?
Tony Staley (@tonystaley) @mygospelfriends Would be interested in hearing you all elaborate on the b-dubs discussion in a future podcast (B Dubs is BWW = Beer discussion)
From James McSorley (email to me): Really looking forward to this weeks podcast. For me I don’t see drinking as being inherently sinful, though in the Christian community in Ireland its a big issue. Probably because of how many lives that have been ruined through the abuse of alcohol.
Tony Vance My issue with fermented wine is the clear Biblical command of not to be drunk-drunkenness is a clear sin. A very wise lady said, ‘if it takes 10 beers to get you drunk, 1 makes you 1/10th drunk!’

Tony Vance But I should say-I don’t de-Christianize anyone who feels free to drink (alcohol) -matter-of-fact, my dad (Pentecostal/arminian) & brother (Calvinist /baptist) both exercise that freedom for themselves

Tony Vance
The best message & discussion of DRINKING http://youtu.be/thXe-rtpl6U




Listener Feedback

From The Twitter:

Chris stuttard (@ChrisStuttard)
@mygospelfriends we had round the twist in the uk the one I remember is when they were trapped in the lighthouse because of seagulls

Tony Vance (@TonyVance1966)
@mygospelfriends spanking was even allowed at school, when I was a child, it was seen as needed & a responsibility

Michael Woodard (@RMichaelWoodard)
@mygospelfriends Just about lost it with the Six Flags over Jesus name for the Holy Land “compound.” That was funny. #slayedintheSpirit

ElijiahT ™ (@ElijiahT)
@mygospelfriends Thanks for telling us northerners what a “switch” is. I almost had to bust out the google.

Brad Melton (@BradEMelton) Tweeted us 7 things God taught him through the discipline discussion: @mygospelfriends 6. God’s discipline (learning&correction) is just another form of grace He gives us,…

Samuel Lovell (@samuel_lovell) (Encourage ‘The Doctor’ to call in and give us a shout)
@jdavidmcconnell @mygospelfriends Still in Oxford – getting ready to watch Latimer and Ridley burned in a couple of weeks. #legends (I went and read the story on these guys! WOW! – JDM)

John Talley I’d beg to differ on TBN. While a large part of it is prosperity gospel, it still carries the gospel into several countries. James Merritt, Jentezen Franklin, Franklin Graham, and Ed Young are broadcast on TBN. I think it’s largely like a church… Some solid folks, some nut jobs, some that just don’t get it. But it does carry the gospel to a lost and dying world (al beit with golden painted chairs, pink hair, and matching poodles)

I think it’s an area where we have to be careful not to eat our own. We as Christians tend to be more critical of each other than we are of the world and we are less likely to extend grace to those within than without. That’s why we restore lost sinners and crucify sinning saints.
September 24 at 1:12pm · Like · 1

Immanuel Marsh John, Christian pastors also have a responsibility to protect the sheep from wolves. There are a lot of wolves at TBN. TBN is responsible for what goes out over the airwaves. And they made your point on the podcast.
September 24 at 3:43pm · Edited · Like

Dan Richardson The problem with solid, orthodox teachers appearing on networks like TBN is that they give a credibility to the wackiness. Their response might be along the lines of “Well, we’re reaching heaps of people”…but that’s rank pragmatism. Solid teachers need to mark the false teachers…not break-bread with them.

From BEAN: This recent New York Times piece discusses the recent trend of local municipalities attempting to outlaw homelessness in what I would consider the worst way possible. Why isn’t the church more concerned with this sort of thing? How should the church respond, and how do The Gospel Friends feel about the homeless being treated in this manner?

New Listeners / First Time Feedback:

Josh Laney (@xEtrnlSoulx) From Washington State
@mygospelfriends long time listener, first time tweeter. Really enjoying the show! I’m just now able to tell you guys apart. #SouthernDrawl ALSO @mygospelfriends your guest last week, Emmanuel right?, he was great. I think my ears deserve more of him in the future. @jdavidmcconnell @mygospelfriends I would welcome a box of cereal; but if your kids need to eat, by all means have them eat it. Haha.

Arminian Aquaman (@ArminianAquaman)
@mygospelfriends I am listening to episode 16. NOT HAPPY, guys…’Lamest Superhero’??

John (@jhanan)
@mygospelfriends Just started listening to the latest episode. Love the IT Crowd reference!


From the Hall:

Hershel Kreis As if the music videos weren’t bad enough – I bring you blessercize! Nothing better to start your Saturday morning off with a violent purge of your digestive tract! HT: Tim Challies

Dan Richardson Thanks for that. I’ll be sending you the bill for the bag of gravel that I had to purchase to rub into my eyes in order to soothe the pain caused from that video.

Chris James Stuttard (Discuss this one a bit on the show)
September 24 at 12:38pm · Middlebrough, United Kingdom
I posted this on Twitter but I think I will ask here. Question from 17: what is a heretic? as I would class Rob Bell as one as he preaches a different gospel and different Jesus. And is unbiblical in a lot of his views. Yet others don’t share this view, so what is everyone’s definition on a heretic.

Tony Vance Heretic:any one who rejects Jesus (as described in the Bible) as the only means of salvation
September 24 at 12:42pm · Like

Chris James Stuttard So Rob Bell heretic or not? I would say you would say yes lol
September 24 at 12:44pm · Like · 1

Tony Vance I think he is on the brink
September 24 at 12:45pm · Like

Chris James Stuttard Ok so is false teacher different to heretic?
September 24 at 12:46pm · Like

Tony Vance I would say ‘yes’-if they are teaching unbiblical (not a difference in interpretation) but a heretic is a clear divergence from the TRUTH
September 24 at 12:48pm · Like

Chris James Stuttard So like Joel Osteen to me is a false teacher not a heretic
September 24 at 12:51pm · Like · 2

Immanuel Marsh Traditionally, a heretic was someone who went against the teachings of the Roman Catholic church. I’m not sure what heretic means in Protestantism. I only use it for those who teach against the atoning death and bodily resurrection of Christ.
September 24 at 12:58pm · Edited · Like · 2

Chris James Stuttard We need a table of heresy lol
September 24 at 12:57pm · Like · 1

Tony Vance We need a ‘superhero’ ‘Heretic Spotter’
September 24 at 1:00pm · Like · 1

Chris James Stuttard I am that hero!!!! Hahahaha
September 24 at 1:00pm · Like · 2

Tony Vance Immanuel Marsh-I would agree fully of that definition
September 24 at 1:00pm · Like · 1

Chris James Stuttard We are going from sensible to silly nearly as quickly as the podcast
September 24 at 1:01pm · Unlike · 2

Chris James Stuttard Me 2
September 24 at 1:01pm · Like

Robert W. Johnson I’ve always classified heresy as a teaching that, if held, separates one from salvation in Christ. Bell is without doubt in this category as he teaches universalism and religious pluralism.
September 24 at 1:07pm · Like · 1

Robert W. Johnson Just to expound on that last point, someone can have a false teaching but still be in Christ. We have to weigh, Biblically, what separates and what doesn’t. To classify a heresy as simply a false teaching I think results in the abuse of the word.

And this is evident as you don’t have to cruise the internet too much before you find an arminian calling a calvinist a heretic or YEC and OEC. I think it’s a shame that the word has been misused and used so nonchalantly.
September 24 at 2:00pm · Edited · Unlike · 4

Brad Melton So what definition of Universalism are you describing? (There seem to be a few.) Universalism that claims ALL are redeemed to eternity with The Father BECAUSE of Christ’s atoning death and resurrection would seem to not meet Robert’s or Immanuel’s definitions of heresy.
September 24 at 3:07pm · Like

Chris James Stuttard Id still say that was heretical
September 24 at 4:18pm · Like

Immanuel Marsh Yeah I wouldn’t call that heresy. I’m not a universalist. But I would just consider that to be wrong or misguided, not heretical.
September 24 at 4:22pm · Like

Chris James Stuttard Ok little lost any view that doesn’t promote salvation by faith and repentance. Is false but not heretical?
September 24 at 4:25pm · Like

Immanuel Marsh You can believe in salvation by faith alone and still be a universalist (depending on what type of universalism).
September 24 at 4:27pm · Like · 1

Chris James Stuttard But it’s more than faith alone it’s repentance through faith. Without repentance salvation is null and void I would
September 24 at 4:53pm · Like

Chris James Stuttard say pressed return 2 early
September 24 at 4:53pm · Like

Immanuel Marsh Yeah my point was that I believe you can be legitimately converted and still be a universalist.
September 24 at 6:33pm · Like

Robert W. Johnson Rob Bell’s view of universalism is false and can lead people into not following Jesus in this life as they will be able to follow Him later on after they’ve lead terrible lives. Bell puts up a good front in interviews but he doesn’t answer any questions head on because he knows the heretical nature of what he writes and teaches. This new book that will be coming out on egalitarianism is going to be along those same lines. This view is heresy to me.
September 24 at 7:08pm · Like · 2

Chris James Stuttard

Other Hall topics this week: (Join the Hall to read the discussions – not engage too much on the podcast on these)
Robert W. Johnson
Here’s a quote from the MEV translation website,
” The MEV is a translation of the Textus Receptus and the Jacob ben Hayyim edition of the Masoretic Text, using the King James Version as the base manuscript.”
My question to the hall is: Do you think producing a translation based on the textus receptus and the KJV Translation is a waste of time as new discoveries have found much older manuscripts that were not yet discovered when the KJV translators were working in 1605-1611?

Robert W. Johnson
September 24 at 2:03pm
This is a topic I’ve started to study but would like to know your thoughts: How often should communion be performed? Is there a Biblical limitation/instruction?
If possible, provide chapter and verse.



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“International Livers”, Episode 17 of The Gospel Friends

“International Livers”
Episode 17 of The Gospel Friends


What’s On Tap?


The Cold Open

From Brad Melton in the Hall of Dogma: http://www.nwahomepage.com/story/d/story/-/Dup3xgUagkq_LXb92uv65Q


The Undercard



The Main Event

Big Deal or Little Deal (Chase)

Rob Bell’s new egalitarian book on marriage


Discipline (David)
Ryen Russillo quote, “We’re not debating spanking here – this seems completely over the top.”
Charles Barkley defends Adrian Peterson's use of corporal punishment
Listener Feedback

From The Hall:

Dan Richardson For you Apple fans, sorry Immanuel, I’ve made this into a 30sec ringtone. You’re welcome https://www.dropbox.com/…/Jesus%20Is%20a%20Friend%20of…
Jeff Hendricks Episode 16: my notes are as follows.It’s “co-habitating” not “co-habiting”. What’s a co-habit? Two people smoking at the same time? Two nuns? Sorry, Immanuel! I had Living Colour on constant play in my car’s tape deck. We’d love to do a cover of Cult Of Personality! Wouldn’t have pegged you as a metal head, but yeah… might have to add Enter Sandman to the list too.”The Renewed Mind” OMG that was awful… he actually tried to moonwalk?? Fail, fail, fail. Might have a hard time converting that one to Chiptune… doing the last one was severely traumatic! My children were permanently scarred from my having to watch it like 10 times in a row.
Hershel Kreis Here is another bad Christian music video- I feel for the guyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D5148rRIkw
Worst Church Singer Ever: Man Sings ‘Looking For A City’
My ears….bleeding!!!
2 Keys to church: “Honor God and take up the offering. “ What famous pastor said this quote? 4-2

From The Twitter:

@mygospelfriends Apple or Android? Bleh, neither. My Nokia Lumia 1020 owns all. #WindowsPhone #41megapixels

Andrew Howard @amh_517
@mygospelfriends Apple all the way!! Mac and iPhone are great!

Hershel Kreis (@W4TMN)
@mygospelfriends Definitely need to have Immanuel there more often! Enjoyed his contribution in Episode 16

@mygospelfriends – Finishing the latest podcast. I’ve had it! I need a Gospel Friends dictionary for all religious-like terms you use. (From David: @IamSuperdad @mygospelfriends Plus – all the words we make up as we go along…)
That John Daker video not only made me LOL, it was the first time in years I nearly wet myself laughing. @mygospelfriends

@mygospelfriends Strongly suspecting John Daker didn’t make #16 cover due to your superpowers of grace and mercy.
ALSO: @mygospelfriends Had episode #16 on my mind when preacher spoke on marrying cohabitors this morning! Thanks for the prep!
Let There Be Movies (@LetThereBMovies)
@mygospelfriends “The General” should also have a tagline… “evil is expensive” Hahaha. Loved the iPhone/apple v. android/google battle.
@mygospelfriends REALLY loved the discussion on who pastors can/should marry. Need to study more on this myself. Great dialogue!

Rob Johnson (@robjohnson90)
@mygospelfriends Good show guys, really like Immanuel’s perspective. Have to say, I dug God’s not dead as I think it opens doors for layman.

Michael Woodard
@mygospelfriends legal counsel likely advised on the chances of being sued and the cost if sued; board likely made decision based on info. best case if sued pay lots of $ and keep cross; worst case pay lot of $ and ordered to remove cross. No win if sued. but attorney who called school is a moron. People think they have a right to not be offended. (I’m a lawyers too)

@mygospelfriends I find your show; thoughtful, humorous & SEC CRAZY (a little much) @mygospelfriends absolutely. I am sure, you will understand that. We are proud of their effort against ‘mighty’ Alabama ! @mygospelfriends funny -haha-I’m an Arminius fan too. I’m baptist-but Freewill. Don’t hold it against you guys, though.

New Listeners / First Time Feedback:

Patching Cracks (@patchingcracks)
@mygospelfriends listening to the podcast for the first time. Really enjoying it. Great stuff. (@David) Thank you, sir! We will have a shout out for you (and the great state of Montana) on Ep. 17!

Oldpaths Guide (@oldpathsguide) Keeping people on the straight and narrow oldpaths since this country started. Follow me as I follow King James.
@mygospelfriends @nickjenkins Really enjoyed the episode! (@David) Thanks! We will have a shout out for you (and the KJV) on Ep 17!!
@mygospelfriends @chaseathompson Referred a preacher friend who was struggling with marrying a couple to listen

meredith rainaldi (@mereeeeeeee)
@jdavidmcconnell yup!! Found your podcast about a month ago and I’m listening to all of them through the beginning! Loving it so far!

Follow-Up from last week:

Silversyx 114 points : 1 replies : a day ago reply
Oh those tiny beautiful feet. I weep with you for your loss and my heart breaks for you my friend.



The Aftershow

Round The Twist vs TBN aka What Has The General Gotten Us Into



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“The Renewed Mind Is the Key”, Episode 16 of The Gospel Friends

“The Renewed Mind Is The Key”
Episode 16 of The Gospel Friends
Special Guest Host: Immanuel Marsh


What’s On Tap?


The Cold Open

Immanuel Hates Apple


The Undercard 



The Main Event

Big deal or Little Deal? (Chase)




Football team forced to remove Christian crosses from helmets (David)

Would you marry a cohabiting couple? (Immanuel)


Listener Feedback

Let There Be Movies (@LetThereBMovies)
9/9/14, 2:39 PM
@mygospelfriends Just heard ep. 13. I hope I’m not too late, but my vote is for “THE Twitter”. Because annoying 🙂 Great show guys!

Jeremiah Martin (@jeremiahdmartin)
9/10/14, 6:52 PM
@mygospelfriends I’m listening to the 25th episode right now. Not so great, guys…

Dan: You have some explaining to do! (Is it possible to talk about this show in an acceptable way??) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzqtXU0p7Ks From the Australian Children’s TV show, Round The Twist. Round the Twist is notable for having pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable for children’s television, to the extent that the Australian Children’s Television Foundation had difficulty finding a distributor for it: according to the ACTF’s marketing Manager Jenny Buckland, “the scripts were declared ‘too rude’, ‘not for television’ and ‘outrageous'”.[2]
Some episodes include references to flatulence, defecation, urination, body odor, underwear, birth, death, nudity, incest, and genitalia.[3] However these are all used for comic effect, and the series also engages with significant personal or social issues such as environmental conservation, or relations with the opposite sex.[4] Many episodes revolve around helping restless spirits of dead people or animals find peace.[5]

Chris stuttard (@ChrisStuttard) 9/11/14, 10:58 AM Food question what is this @mygospelfriends pic.twitter.com/
Google middlesbrough parmo //: also: ramsdens is the sponsor not Harry ramsdens but a pawn broker. The nickname is boro.
Also from Chris: @mygospelfriends as soon as a brother or sister who we dislike falls we seem to forget all sin is equal and we are just as bad as them.

@tonystaley Church sign for you guys from southern Ohio. @mygospelfriends http://t.co/dBd3MWipMW
From the Hall of Dogma:
Elijiah Thompson Buffalo, NY…My boss calls it “the twitter”. He doesn’t listen to the show. He’s serious.

Immanuel Marsh — What I learned from Episode 15: Neither Nick Jenkins nor Chase Thompson knows where Heineken is brewed.
The Aftershow

Top Ten Most Embarrassing-Yet-Hilarious Christian Videos

Chris stuttard (@ChrisStuttard)
9/11/14, 1:05 PM
@mygospelfriends john daker, and mighty to save hahaha. Coming to @JoelOsteen church next Sunday renewed mind lol.

Rachel @journeyofchuck
@mygospelfriends I’ve seen most of these, but “john daker” is new to me. The subtitles put it over the top. Can’t stop watching it. Crying.

Samuel Lovell ‏@samuel_lovell @mygospelfriends thanks for the shout-out (can’t say I was surprised, obviously…) Fav video in top 10 is Pensacola Free Will song, btw…



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“The Doctor and His Taurus”, Episode 15 of The Gospel Friends

“The Doctor and His Taurus”
Episode 15 of The Gospel Friends



Samuel Lovell (@samuel_lovell)
@mygospelfriends Listening to episode 15 now – liking it a lot!


What’s On Tap?


The Cold Open

5 Things Our Parents Did That Would Get Them Arrested Today


The Undercard

The Foodie Quiz, David


The Main Event

Big Deal or Little Deal? (Chase)
Mars Hill Elders Resign
Respiratory Virus
Andy Stanley, “Foundation of our faith is an event not a book”

Sabbath: Gift or Unnecessary Old Testament Command? (David)

Gungor, Young Earth, and Parables (Nick)

Gungor Controversy Continues as Singer States Jesus Could Have Been Wrong About Adam, Noah



Listener Feedback

NotEntirelyUnlike (‏@NotEntirelyChip)
By request of @mygospelfriends , here is our #NESRemix! https://soundcloud.com/notentirelyunlikechiptune/jesus-is-a-friend-of-mine-cover …

FunkyStickman ‏(@FunkyStickman)
Just finished a tune for our #NESCovers and @mygospelfriends Stay tuned for linkage… #JesusIsMyFriend

infidel ‏(@themadgermanic)
@mygospelfriends Really? I am gODLESS,hence “infidel” for all the camel-******s and keep the flat earth ***t away,thank you…#PickAnewBook

Gary Goodridge (@GaryHGoodridge) FOLLOWS YOU
I’ve competed in fight promotions such as the K-1, UFC and Pride FC. Available for seminars and personal training. Also will be managing fighters

Sean Francis (@AdhesiveWombatt)
@mygospelfriends be on the look out for this months Ann Coulter fan club newsletter. Coming soon to an inbox near you. 🙂

James Mc Sorley (@JMCS76)
@jdavidmcconnell @mygospelfriends wow, you could possibly be related to my pastor, James Mc Connell of the Whitewell Tabernacle Belfast.

Chris stuttard (@ChrisStuttard)
@mygospelfriends the football (proper football) team I support is middlesbrough. Based in the north east of England.pic.twitter.com/x4bwr5jAaK also as I think we have a great home team kit. I am from Yorkshire.and half welsh lol.


The Aftershow

@MushKat @tomgara @mygospelfriends What do you guys think? An operational necessity or a practicality gone too far?  http://t.co/jaxVXXusHc

View post on imgur.com

Top Ten Most Embarrassing-Yet-Hilarious Christian Videos



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“In Your Face, David”, Episode 14 of The Gospel Friends

“In Your Face, David”
Episode 14 of The Gospel Friends
Special Guest Host: Samuel Knowles


The Cold Open

Samuel needs to find his podcast voice…


What’s On Tap?


The Undercard

Game: The Return of TechTalk Tech Quiz, Nick


The Main Event

Arkansas Truck Fire and Sports Taken Too Far, Samuel

Brad Melton (@BradEMelton)
@mygospelfriends Love your show. I’ve become a big fan. David, I’ll do my best to remain a fan after Saturday. #GOHOGS!#WPS!

Kirk Cameron Wants to Save Christmas, Nick

David Platt to lead IMB, Chase

“The price is certainly high for people who don’t know Christ and who live in a world where Christians shrink back from self-denying faith and settle into self-indulging faith. While Christians choose to spend their lives fulfilling the American dream instead of giving their lives to proclaiming the kingdom of God, literally billions in need of the Gospel remain in the dark”

James Mc Sorley Hi Chase, dont know the guy in question but our own pastor is moving on after over sixty years in the ministry and it was heartbreaking! I pray that the church in Brookhills as well as our own flock in Belfast are able to transition quickly and accept and help the new pastors in our respective assemblys. Looking fwd to downloading the latest podcast!


Listener Feedback

Voicemail from Chris Stuttard

Congrats to Jared Buckley & Rob Johnson, new babies in the house

James McSorley (@JMCS76)
@mygospelfriends Yes! David from the show & also of the McConnell clan. (Even though Chase erroneously calls me Scottish). Go Irish!

Superdad (‏@IamSuperdad)
Don’t mess with Lancelot Link and Marta Hairy!!  @mygospelfriends pic.twitter.com/3aTazuQ9tI

James Mc Sorley ‏(@JMCS76)
@mygospelfriends Hi guys, great podcast. Heard about it via twitter. Could be you’re 1st Irish listener! Not from Athenry though.:-(

Jeff Nichols (‏@JNickNC)
Now see that’s what you call an entertaining Twitter bio – the one from @mygospelfriends. Podcasters take note.

Calvnst Wonder Woman (‏@CalvnWndrWoman)
@mygospelfriends Looking for help with your battles, let me know! Good to meet you!

FunkyStickman (@FunkyStickman)
@mygospelfriends Ep. 4, I knew all the NES quotes! Your nerd cards are hereby revoked. 😉 Can’t believe no “all your base are belong to us”
@mygospelfriends To be fair, I do have geek cred: started a band doing NES covers of pop/rock music. @NotEntirelyChip
@mygospelfriends We do take requests, any song you’d like to hear done Nintendo-style?  Jesus is a Friend of Mine – Sonseed.

Ep 13 Feedback from Michael Woodard (@RMichaelWoodard)
@mygospelfriends I remember High School where someone would sneeze and 5 class clowns would alternate saying bless you.

Ep 13 Feedback from Chris Stuttard (@ChrisStuttard)
@mygospelfriends @RichardDawkins if we use abortion to stop people’s future suffering should we all be aborted?? As we will all suffer.

UPDATE on the ‘TheTwitter’ Voting from last week

Jon Lorbacher ‏@Jon_Lorbacher
@mygospelfriends lol at the “the twitter” haters. I’m cool with it. I usually chuckle when I hear the twitter.

Jeremiah Martin ‏@jeremiahdmartin 
@mygospelfriends I love the Twitters. Keep up the good tweats!

Elijiah Thompson (Hall of Dogma)
My vote: Thine Twitters #‎KJV1611

Alyson McConnell (@alymcconnell)
No to ‘TheTwitter’. And my vote counts for 10 – because I am a spouse.

@imsuperdad I shall be forever more angered by those who do not refer to the service as “The Twitter”.  @mygospelfriends


The Aftershow

The Hall of Dogma Fantasy Football League


“To every toiling, heavy-laden sinner, Jesus says, Come to me and rest. But there are many toiling, heavy-laden believers, too. For them this same invitation is meant. Note well the words of Jesus, if you are heavy-laden with your service, and do not mistake it. It is not, Go, labor on, as perhaps you imagine. On the contrary, it is stop, turn back, Come to me and rest. Never, never did Christ send a heavy laden one to work; never, never did He send a hungry one, a weary one, a sick or sorrowing one, away on any service. For such the Bible only says, Come, come, come.”
– Hudson Taylor



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“Everything’s Better With Bacon”, Episode 13 of The Gospel Friends

Mmm, bacon.

“Everything’s Better With Bacon”
Episode 13 of The Gospel Friends


What’s On Tap?


Breaking News

Mark Driscoll To Step Down For A Time


The Cold Open

Bathe with Bacon?
Crazy products inspired by bacon:


The Undercard

Game: Music Quiz, Chase


The Main Event

Richard Dawkins’s Comments Regarding Down Syndrome, David

The Gospel and Down Syndrome

Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) Women have a right to early abortion. Choice is theirs. Down Syndrome is 1 of the commonest & most moral reasons to exercise that right.
Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins)  @TonyD048 I think abortion is right if the woman wants an abortion. Down syndrome is one very good, and extremely common reason, to want it.
Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) I do not for one moment apologise for approaching moral philosophic questions in a logical way. There’s a place for emotion & this isn’t it.
Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins)  Most countries accept a woman’s right to abort. Elementary moral philosophy says this does NOT cast doubt on existing people’s right to life
Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) There’s a profound moral difference between “This fetus should now be aborted” and “This person should have been aborted years ago.”
Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins)  @Roland_DeVries Yes. Suffering should be avoided. Cause no suffering. Reduce suffering wherever you can.
Response by Jared Buckley: http://specialfamiliescoach.com/richard-dawkins-abortion-of-babies-with-down-syndrome/
Link to Jared’s Podcast episode referenced: https://www.dropbox.com/s/o7f2h99p2abnob1/BSF%20022.mp3
Bruce Baker (‏@iambbaker) @RichardDawkins says immoral not to abort baby with Down’s Syndrome. I say high IQ points clearly don’t = high humanity points. #prolife
Ulixes (@THawiliC) The problem is not what @RichardDawkins said, it is that you are all incapable of distinguishing”abort now”frm”you should have been aborted”
Rob Johnson (‏@robjohnson90) @mygospelfriends 1/2 Dawkins is on his way out. He is, however, consistent. He doesn’t believe in objective morality.
Rob Johnson (@robjohnson90) @mygospelfriends 2/2 What’s funny tho, is he spends a ton of time criticizing religion as if it’s objectively wrong. He’s really consistent.
Heretic ‏(@FakeHeretic) @mygospelfriends yeah, let’s all kick the [EDIT] out of @RichardDawkins while he’s down, just as Jesus commanded us to!
Hershel Kreis (‏@W4TMN) @mygospelfriends Easy question:  Dawkins = intelligent idiot.  Too educated to see the truth even though it is all around him
James Westbrook™ ‏(@westbrook___) @mygospelfriends Mr. Dawkins has continued to make his anti-religion argument less and less valid as time progresses.
Kenneth C. Vendler (‏@_vendlerius) @mygospelfriends Dawkins is irrelevant. Once somewhat formidable opponent, he has made himself an unwitting argument for Christianity

Signs You Were a Youth Group Kid, Nick
Nick: http://www.churchpop.com/2014/08/15/37-signs-you-were-a-youth-group-kid/

TIOLI, Chase


Listener Feedback

Ryan (@Salaboomhead)
@mygospelfriends listened to my first podcast of yours! Loved it! Will def be listening to more!!!
Hershel Kreis (@W4TMN)
Enjoying listening to the guys at @mygospelfriends – great to hear guys discuss faith with sometimes different views without being hateful!
About “The Twitter”



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“If The Captain Wore A Dress”, Episode 12 of The Gospel Friends

“If The Captain Wore A Dress”
Episode 12 of The Gospel Friends


The Cold Open

What is on Tap for today: Chase, David and Nick

5 things you never knew about Shark Week: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/14/shark-week-facts_n_5678442.html


The Undercard

Game: Star Wars or Batman, Nick


The Main Event

Discussion on Cults, Chase
Voicemails from Caretaker Man and Jared

“Tebowing the SEC”, Nick

Discussion on Depression, David

Robin Williams didn’t die from a disease, he died from his choice

Depression isn’t a choice but suicide is: my detailed response to the critics

From Rick Warren: http://pastors.com/robin-williams-shows-sermon-think/

Robin Williams’ Death an Opportunity to Look at Depression in the Scriptures


Listener Feedback

jasongarris (@jasongarris) @mygospelfriends First time listener, first time caller: “PLORP!” (Tons of fun gentlemen – thanks)

Chris Susskin ‏@csusskin  31m @jdavidmcconnell Caught the VERY end of the podcast. Ha. You are in good company tripping over my name. Definitely a fan of @mygospelfriends

Rachel Cathey (@journeyofchuck) Gr8 show this week @mygospelfriends! Loved your take on Driscoll and accountability in ministry! Also, mega curious about chase’s dog story!

Jonathan (@jpboogie2381) @mygospelfriends enjoyed the Driscoll episode. The band was the Safeties. Back in the Slacker 66 / Crush days.

Jones Podcasting (@jonespodcasting) (Chris Jones) @mygospelfriends I enjoy how you jump from serious to silly and back again. It relieves the tension. Great podcast! Keep it up!

Chris stuttard ‏@ChrisStuttard  7h @mygospelfriends just listened to 8,9,10. Loved your attitude towards Driscoll situation. Also batman is Armenian.

VM from David’s Biggest Fan

If Chase Wore a Dress


Shout Out to Jared Buckley from our discussion on cults:




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