The Gospel Friends, Episode 6 “Waffle Wager”

The Gospel Friends
Episode 6, “Waffle Wager”


What’s on tap?
Oh No, You Didn’t…
Battlefield: Social Media

So, I have to agree with Laura Ortberg Turner on this one.

Posted by Keri Wyatt Kent on Monday, June 30, 2014
Game of the Week, Nick
Frozen Trivia
Five and Dime, David
When Politics, Culture invade Fast Food: Burger King unveils the a Proud Whopper
How Patriotic should our churches be?

Should a Church Display the American Flag?
Minister’s Kid’s Parents, Nick
a discussion of “Pastor’s Kid” by Barnabas Piper and how we balance family and ministry and the things that go along with it
Take It or Leave It, Chase
“Facebook” or “Pastor Superdad”
“Facebook” –
“Pastor Superdad” – Barnabas Piper interview Trevin: I hear people talking today about the need for a pastor to “pastor his family” first. You say this is bad advice. Why?
Barnabas: It’s bad advice because of what the term “pastor” has come to mean. I know people mean well by using it, but “pastor” is a job title loaded with a thousand expectations.
Pastors are, in many cases, expected to be supermen – morally superior, intellectually sound, theologians, counselors, preachers, teachers, businessmen, accountants, strategists, leaders, etc. If they bring those same sorts of expectations home nobody will benefit. Either they will think too much of themselves or feel like a failure.
Pastors’ kids don’t want superman. They want a present, loving father.

“Name Game” or “Falling Away”
“Name Game” – Is it okay to call yourself a Christian?
In Rolling Stone’s upcoming cover story, Mumford demurred when asked if he considered himself a Christian, as a teaser on the magazine’s website revealed. “I don’t really like that word. It comes with so much baggage,” he said, in terms that many fans will relate to. “So, no, I wouldn’t call myself a Christian.”
Mumford, the son of the U.K. founders of the evangelical Vineyard movement
As Mumford went on to explain about such people who call themselves “Christian,” “I think the word just conjures up all these religious images that I don’t really like. I have my personal views about the person of Jesus and who He was. Like, you ask a Muslim and they’ll say, ‘Jesus was awesome’—they’re not Christians, but they still love Jesus.”
“Falling Away” – The number one predictive factor as to whether or not a young Christian will retain his or her faith is whether that person has a meaningful relationship with an older Christian

“Abortion Trophy” or “Stetzer”
“Abortion Trophy” –
“Stetzer” –

World Cup, Tim Howard’s Faith, and Tim Howard’s Saves
Tim Howard jokes / tweets:

The best Tim Howard jokes after 16 saves against Belgium

The 8 best tweets about Tim Howard and Jesus
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Notable links we didn’t quite get to:

The “everyone is on vacation, anything goes church service,” AKA tomorrow.

The Gospel Friends, Episode 4 “Because I’m happy…”

The Gospel Friends
Episode 4, “Because I’m happy…”

2:51 – What’s on tap?
What is on Tap for today: Chase, David and Nick

4:36 – Oh no, you didn’t…
Megachurch Pastor Ed Young Promises to Refund Tithe if God Doesn’t Open the Windows of Heaven.

14:52 – Game of the Week, David
Name That Nintendo Game

23:15 – Take It or Leave It, Chase
“Brotherly Love” – I’m Southern Baptist, and I Love a Man (
alternative: “Marriage Redefined” (
“Game of Thrones” – 12 Questions to Ask Before You Watch ‘Game of Thrones’ (
alternative: “Mene Mene Tekel Uparsin” (
“Happy” – Elevation Creative: Happy (

52:03 – Ask the Rev, David
Do fairy tales (encouraging imagination) help or hurt a child’s belief in God? (Resource article:

1:13:12 – Where are you coming from?, Nick

1:31:16 – World Cup Wrap Up
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Special thank to Shawn Lombard for our music – “Won’t Go ‘Til You Bless Me” from Rare Bird

The Gospel Friends, Episode 3 “Happy Father’s Day”

The Gospel Friends
Episode 3 “Happy Father’s Day”
Listener Callout

From Matt Redmond, who believed that our music taste from last week’s show was horrible and asked us to recommend some non-mainstream Christian music. Some names mentioned by the panel: Mat Kearney, Matt Papa, Bill Mallonee, Jason Upton,  Dustin Kensrue, Phil Wickham, Evan Wickham, Sam Knowles, Shawn Lombard and that new cutting edge artist that all the kids are talking about: George Beverly Shea!

Matt Papa’s The Reward of His Suffering Video. A fantastic song that will deeply spark you for evangelism and missions. May the Lamb who was slain receive the reward of His suffering!!!

What’s On Tap?
The Undercard

Are You Guys Drunk?
Un-Friendly Times at Friendly Baptist
Game of the Week: Catholic Word Association
The Main Event

Theology Nerds, Chase
How do you pronounce the Early Church Father’s name?  AW*-GUS-TEEN OR AW-*GUS*-TIN?

Second Largest Religion in Each State

Charismatic Teaching is breeding spiritual havoc….or is it?
Greek alert: When did Satan fall?
Take it or Leave It, Nick
Rachel Held Evans alleges that Jared Wilson’s post on married sex crossed the line and used the language of abuse when describing the pursuit of the wife by the husband. (CLICK HERE)  AND, Jessa Duggar picture of her holding an “assault” squirrel gun, stirs controversy. (CLICK HERE)

Fail of the Week, David
The Great Cider-pocolypse of 2014, in which members of our church were mercilessly poisoned by some rancid apple cider. (Warning: lots of vomiting)
The Aftershow
Listener Feedback

@Angry_Code asks ‘On canned sermons, should we also expect our youth and children’s pastors to not use canned curriculum? Or is that different?’
Really Bad Church Names

The Gospel Friends, Episode 2 “The Gospel Friends X, because X makes it cooler…”

The Gospel Friends
Episode 8 “Breakin’ the Law”
Twitter Feedback from @adhesivewombat
What’s On Tap?
Are You Guys Drunk?
Ministry uses bible verse and Adolf Hitler quote (we had honorable intentions!!)
Check This Out
The Undercard

Game: Heresy or Not?
The Main Event

Real Talk X: Music, Nick

Take It or Leave It
As the Driscoll Turns
Left Behind Movie Trailer

Pulpit Plagiarism – Is it on the rise? Is it even a problem? Should we even care?

Is pulpit plagiarism on the rise? Some blame the Internet

The Aftershow

Theology for Dummies aka Theogeeks: Antinomianism

Man fakes murder for Google street maps
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Special thanks to Shawn Lombard for our music – “Won’t Go ‘Til You Bless Me” from Rare Bird

The Gospel Friends – Pilot, “Welcome to the Hall of Dogma”


In a world where heresy blankets the airwaves, religious stuffed-shirts suck the life out of Sunday morning, and prosperity teachers rob grandmothers of their pensions, three unassuming ministers endeavor to shine the light of Biblical theology and put the fun back in fundamentalism…