“International Livers”, Episode 17 of The Gospel Friends

“International Livers”
Episode 17 of The Gospel Friends


What’s On Tap?


The Cold Open

From Brad Melton in the Hall of Dogma: http://www.nwahomepage.com/story/d/story/-/Dup3xgUagkq_LXb92uv65Q


The Undercard



The Main Event

Big Deal or Little Deal (Chase)

Rob Bell’s new egalitarian book on marriage


Discipline (David)
Ryen Russillo quote, “We’re not debating spanking here – this seems completely over the top.”

Charles Barkley defends Adrian Peterson’s use of corporal punishment

Listener Feedback

From The Hall:

Dan Richardson For you Apple fans, sorry Immanuel, I’ve made this into a 30sec ringtone. You’re welcome https://www.dropbox.com/…/Jesus%20Is%20a%20Friend%20of…
Jeff Hendricks Episode 16: my notes are as follows.It’s “co-habitating” not “co-habiting”. What’s a co-habit? Two people smoking at the same time? Two nuns? Sorry, Immanuel! I had Living Colour on constant play in my car’s tape deck. We’d love to do a cover of Cult Of Personality! Wouldn’t have pegged you as a metal head, but yeah… might have to add Enter Sandman to the list too.”The Renewed Mind” OMG that was awful… he actually tried to moonwalk?? Fail, fail, fail. Might have a hard time converting that one to Chiptune… doing the last one was severely traumatic! My children were permanently scarred from my having to watch it like 10 times in a row.
Hershel Kreis Here is another bad Christian music video- I feel for the guyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2D5148rRIkw
Worst Church Singer Ever: Man Sings ‘Looking For A City’
My ears….bleeding!!!
2 Keys to church: “Honor God and take up the offering. “ What famous pastor said this quote? 4-2

From The Twitter:

@mygospelfriends Apple or Android? Bleh, neither. My Nokia Lumia 1020 owns all. #WindowsPhone #41megapixels

Andrew Howard @amh_517
@mygospelfriends Apple all the way!! Mac and iPhone are great!

Hershel Kreis (@W4TMN)
@mygospelfriends Definitely need to have Immanuel there more often! Enjoyed his contribution in Episode 16

@mygospelfriends – Finishing the latest podcast. I’ve had it! I need a Gospel Friends dictionary for all religious-like terms you use. (From David: @IamSuperdad @mygospelfriends Plus – all the words we make up as we go along…)
That John Daker video not only made me LOL, it was the first time in years I nearly wet myself laughing. @mygospelfriends

@mygospelfriends Strongly suspecting John Daker didn’t make #16 cover due to your superpowers of grace and mercy.
ALSO: @mygospelfriends Had episode #16 on my mind when preacher spoke on marrying cohabitors this morning! Thanks for the prep!
Let There Be Movies (@LetThereBMovies)
@mygospelfriends “The General” should also have a tagline… “evil is expensive” Hahaha. Loved the iPhone/apple v. android/google battle.
@mygospelfriends REALLY loved the discussion on who pastors can/should marry. Need to study more on this myself. Great dialogue!

Rob Johnson (@robjohnson90)
@mygospelfriends Good show guys, really like Immanuel’s perspective. Have to say, I dug God’s not dead as I think it opens doors for layman.

Michael Woodard
@mygospelfriends legal counsel likely advised on the chances of being sued and the cost if sued; board likely made decision based on info. best case if sued pay lots of $ and keep cross; worst case pay lot of $ and ordered to remove cross. No win if sued. but attorney who called school is a moron. People think they have a right to not be offended. (I’m a lawyers too)

@mygospelfriends I find your show; thoughtful, humorous & SEC CRAZY (a little much) @mygospelfriends absolutely. I am sure, you will understand that. We are proud of their effort against ‘mighty’ Alabama ! @mygospelfriends funny -haha-I’m an Arminius fan too. I’m baptist-but Freewill. Don’t hold it against you guys, though.

New Listeners / First Time Feedback:

Patching Cracks (@patchingcracks)
@mygospelfriends listening to the podcast for the first time. Really enjoying it. Great stuff. (@David) Thank you, sir! We will have a shout out for you (and the great state of Montana) on Ep. 17!

Oldpaths Guide (@oldpathsguide) Keeping people on the straight and narrow oldpaths since this country started. Follow me as I follow King James.
@mygospelfriends @nickjenkins Really enjoyed the episode! (@David) Thanks! We will have a shout out for you (and the KJV) on Ep 17!!
@mygospelfriends @chaseathompson Referred a preacher friend who was struggling with marrying a couple to listen

meredith rainaldi (@mereeeeeeee)
@jdavidmcconnell yup!! Found your podcast about a month ago and I’m listening to all of them through the beginning! Loving it so far!

Follow-Up from last week:

Silversyx 114 points : 1 replies : a day ago reply
Oh those tiny beautiful feet. I weep with you for your loss and my heart breaks for you my friend.



The Aftershow

Round The Twist vs TBN aka What Has The General Gotten Us Into



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