“The Doctor and His Taurus”, Episode 15 of The Gospel Friends

“The Doctor and His Taurus”
Episode 15 of The Gospel Friends



Samuel Lovell (@samuel_lovell)
@mygospelfriends Listening to episode 15 now – liking it a lot!


What’s On Tap?


The Cold Open

5 Things Our Parents Did That Would Get Them Arrested Today


The Undercard

The Foodie Quiz, David


The Main Event

Big Deal or Little Deal? (Chase)
Mars Hill Elders Resign
Respiratory Virus
Andy Stanley, “Foundation of our faith is an event not a book”

Sabbath: Gift or Unnecessary Old Testament Command? (David)

Gungor, Young Earth, and Parables (Nick)

Gungor Controversy Continues as Singer States Jesus Could Have Been Wrong About Adam, Noah



Listener Feedback

NotEntirelyUnlike (‏@NotEntirelyChip)
By request of @mygospelfriends , here is our #NESRemix! https://soundcloud.com/notentirelyunlikechiptune/jesus-is-a-friend-of-mine-cover …

FunkyStickman ‏(@FunkyStickman)
Just finished a tune for our #NESCovers and @mygospelfriends Stay tuned for linkage… #JesusIsMyFriend

infidel ‏(@themadgermanic)
@mygospelfriends Really? I am gODLESS,hence “infidel” for all the camel-******s and keep the flat earth ***t away,thank you…#PickAnewBook

Gary Goodridge (@GaryHGoodridge) FOLLOWS YOU
I’ve competed in fight promotions such as the K-1, UFC and Pride FC. Available for seminars and personal training. Also will be managing fighters

Sean Francis (@AdhesiveWombatt)
@mygospelfriends be on the look out for this months Ann Coulter fan club newsletter. Coming soon to an inbox near you. 🙂

James Mc Sorley (@JMCS76)
@jdavidmcconnell @mygospelfriends wow, you could possibly be related to my pastor, James Mc Connell of the Whitewell Tabernacle Belfast.

Chris stuttard (@ChrisStuttard)
@mygospelfriends the football (proper football) team I support is middlesbrough. Based in the north east of England.pic.twitter.com/x4bwr5jAaK also as I think we have a great home team kit. I am from Yorkshire.and half welsh lol.


The Aftershow

@MushKat @tomgara @mygospelfriends What do you guys think? An operational necessity or a practicality gone too far?  http://t.co/jaxVXXusHc

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Top Ten Most Embarrassing-Yet-Hilarious Christian Videos



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The Gospel Friends, Episode 7 “Where’s the Cap’n?”

The Gospel Friends
Episode 7, “Where’s the Cap’n?”
Where is Chase?
What’s On Tap?
Are You Guys Serious?
Dead or Meditating?
The Undercard
Game: Chick Flick Movie Quotes Quiz
The Main Event

Andy Stanley “The Bible Says” or “Paul Says”

Matt Walsh, the Pot Stirrer

Christians and Substance Abuse
@greshharbuck on Twitter
From the Hall of Dogma

Geek Out, Marvel vs. DC

Speaking in Tongues: is it a necessary part of Salvation? from Robert Johnson
The Aftershow

Anything Goes Church Service

The “everyone is on vacation, anything goes church service,” AKA tomorrow.

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