“You Guys Got Beat By A Girl”, Episode 30 of The Gospel Friends

“You Guys Got Beat By A Girl”
Episode 30 of The Gospel Friends
The Cold Open

What’s On Tap?

What Were You Thinking?!?


The Undercard

Game: The Year in Google, David David.
The Main Event

Hall Monitor, Nick

“Please Don’t Give Them Porn for Christmas”, David

Please Don’t Give Them Porn for Christmas

The Porn-Free Family Plan

Was Rob Bell Shunned Simply for Asking Questions or Something Else Entirely?, Chase

Rob Bell: A Symbol Of Every Evangelical Who’s Been Shunned For Asking Questions

Listener Feedback

Jon Lorbacher (@Jon_Lorbacher)
12/15/14, 8:36 PM
@mygospelfriends hunt brothers pizza, a fine nc institution.

Michael Woodard (@RMichaelWoodard)
12/16/14, 8:39 AM
@mygospelfriends come on guys A Christmas Story. You’ll shoot your eye out!

FunkyStickman (@FunkyStickman)
12/16/14, 11:02 AM
@mygospelfriends Re:Ep26 God’s grace doesn’t hinge on culture, fear, or feelings. Cults take advantage of these things. Grace is freeing.



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“Stall Wars”, Episode 9 of The Gospel Friends

“Stall Wars”
Episode 9 of The Gospel Friends
What’s On Tap?
The Undercard
Game: Batman or Shakespeare
The Main Event

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Can you worship your family?
It is possible to worship your family, at the expense of our call to the church and the gospel? How do we raise our kids, love our wives, pastor our homes and NOT make family an idol?http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/kevindeyoung/2014/07/24/7-signs-we-are-worshipping-the-family/

Westboro at the Disco or Kickstart the Word
Middle-Class Clergy or Shades of Parenting
Where’s My Hymnal?
Listener Feedback

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Shout out to Jeremiah Martin: @jeremiahdmartin Yes, I’m currently enrolled pursuing an M.Div in Chaplaincy. By the way, I love the podcast!

Lamar: I think super-powered and other epic heroes provide children opportunities to exercise their imagination and, by playing the good guy, reinforce what we teach about being good. I also think boys who throw a hammer or a shield, among others characters, in their play have good role models to emulate but 1, is hero-play just for boys? 2 considering Nick’s comments on comic and movie depictions of women, are there any good heroes for girls to play as? and 3 do any of them appear in movies you can watch with your family? Thanks!
The Aftershow

Fail of the Week: Takin’ care of business… in a minute or two or three…