“Where Is Dutch At?”, Episode 18 of The Gospel Friends

“Where Is Dutch At?”
Episode 18 of The Gospel Friends

Subtitle: “Oh Crikey, that is not a handsome woman”


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Can / Should Christians drink alcohol?
Tony Staley (@tonystaley) @mygospelfriends Would be interested in hearing you all elaborate on the b-dubs discussion in a future podcast (B Dubs is BWW = Beer discussion)
From James McSorley (email to me): Really looking forward to this weeks podcast. For me I don’t see drinking as being inherently sinful, though in the Christian community in Ireland its a big issue. Probably because of how many lives that have been ruined through the abuse of alcohol.
Tony Vance My issue with fermented wine is the clear Biblical command of not to be drunk-drunkenness is a clear sin. A very wise lady said, ‘if it takes 10 beers to get you drunk, 1 makes you 1/10th drunk!’

Tony Vance But I should say-I don’t de-Christianize anyone who feels free to drink (alcohol) -matter-of-fact, my dad (Pentecostal/arminian) & brother (Calvinist /baptist) both exercise that freedom for themselves

Tony Vance
The best message & discussion of DRINKING http://youtu.be/thXe-rtpl6U




Listener Feedback

From The Twitter:

Chris stuttard (@ChrisStuttard)
@mygospelfriends we had round the twist in the uk the one I remember is when they were trapped in the lighthouse because of seagulls

Tony Vance (@TonyVance1966)
@mygospelfriends spanking was even allowed at school, when I was a child, it was seen as needed & a responsibility

Michael Woodard (@RMichaelWoodard)
@mygospelfriends Just about lost it with the Six Flags over Jesus name for the Holy Land “compound.” That was funny. #slayedintheSpirit

ElijiahT ™ (@ElijiahT)
@mygospelfriends Thanks for telling us northerners what a “switch” is. I almost had to bust out the google.

Brad Melton (@BradEMelton) Tweeted us 7 things God taught him through the discipline discussion: @mygospelfriends 6. God’s discipline (learning&correction) is just another form of grace He gives us,…

Samuel Lovell (@samuel_lovell) (Encourage ‘The Doctor’ to call in and give us a shout)
@jdavidmcconnell @mygospelfriends Still in Oxford – getting ready to watch Latimer and Ridley burned in a couple of weeks. #legends (I went and read the story on these guys! WOW! – JDM)

John Talley I’d beg to differ on TBN. While a large part of it is prosperity gospel, it still carries the gospel into several countries. James Merritt, Jentezen Franklin, Franklin Graham, and Ed Young are broadcast on TBN. I think it’s largely like a church… Some solid folks, some nut jobs, some that just don’t get it. But it does carry the gospel to a lost and dying world (al beit with golden painted chairs, pink hair, and matching poodles)

I think it’s an area where we have to be careful not to eat our own. We as Christians tend to be more critical of each other than we are of the world and we are less likely to extend grace to those within than without. That’s why we restore lost sinners and crucify sinning saints.
September 24 at 1:12pm · Like · 1

Immanuel Marsh John, Christian pastors also have a responsibility to protect the sheep from wolves. There are a lot of wolves at TBN. TBN is responsible for what goes out over the airwaves. And they made your point on the podcast.
September 24 at 3:43pm · Edited · Like

Dan Richardson The problem with solid, orthodox teachers appearing on networks like TBN is that they give a credibility to the wackiness. Their response might be along the lines of “Well, we’re reaching heaps of people”…but that’s rank pragmatism. Solid teachers need to mark the false teachers…not break-bread with them.

From BEAN: This recent New York Times piece discusses the recent trend of local municipalities attempting to outlaw homelessness in what I would consider the worst way possible. Why isn’t the church more concerned with this sort of thing? How should the church respond, and how do The Gospel Friends feel about the homeless being treated in this manner?

New Listeners / First Time Feedback:

Josh Laney (@xEtrnlSoulx) From Washington State
@mygospelfriends long time listener, first time tweeter. Really enjoying the show! I’m just now able to tell you guys apart. #SouthernDrawl ALSO @mygospelfriends your guest last week, Emmanuel right?, he was great. I think my ears deserve more of him in the future. @jdavidmcconnell @mygospelfriends I would welcome a box of cereal; but if your kids need to eat, by all means have them eat it. Haha.

Arminian Aquaman (@ArminianAquaman)
@mygospelfriends I am listening to episode 16. NOT HAPPY, guys…’Lamest Superhero’??

John (@jhanan)
@mygospelfriends Just started listening to the latest episode. Love the IT Crowd reference!


From the Hall:

Hershel Kreis As if the music videos weren’t bad enough – I bring you blessercize! Nothing better to start your Saturday morning off with a violent purge of your digestive tract! HT: Tim Challies

Dan Richardson Thanks for that. I’ll be sending you the bill for the bag of gravel that I had to purchase to rub into my eyes in order to soothe the pain caused from that video.

Chris James Stuttard (Discuss this one a bit on the show)
September 24 at 12:38pm · Middlebrough, United Kingdom
I posted this on Twitter but I think I will ask here. Question from 17: what is a heretic? as I would class Rob Bell as one as he preaches a different gospel and different Jesus. And is unbiblical in a lot of his views. Yet others don’t share this view, so what is everyone’s definition on a heretic.

Tony Vance Heretic:any one who rejects Jesus (as described in the Bible) as the only means of salvation
September 24 at 12:42pm · Like

Chris James Stuttard So Rob Bell heretic or not? I would say you would say yes lol
September 24 at 12:44pm · Like · 1

Tony Vance I think he is on the brink
September 24 at 12:45pm · Like

Chris James Stuttard Ok so is false teacher different to heretic?
September 24 at 12:46pm · Like

Tony Vance I would say ‘yes’-if they are teaching unbiblical (not a difference in interpretation) but a heretic is a clear divergence from the TRUTH
September 24 at 12:48pm · Like

Chris James Stuttard So like Joel Osteen to me is a false teacher not a heretic
September 24 at 12:51pm · Like · 2

Immanuel Marsh Traditionally, a heretic was someone who went against the teachings of the Roman Catholic church. I’m not sure what heretic means in Protestantism. I only use it for those who teach against the atoning death and bodily resurrection of Christ.
September 24 at 12:58pm · Edited · Like · 2

Chris James Stuttard We need a table of heresy lol
September 24 at 12:57pm · Like · 1

Tony Vance We need a ‘superhero’ ‘Heretic Spotter’
September 24 at 1:00pm · Like · 1

Chris James Stuttard I am that hero!!!! Hahahaha
September 24 at 1:00pm · Like · 2

Tony Vance Immanuel Marsh-I would agree fully of that definition
September 24 at 1:00pm · Like · 1

Chris James Stuttard We are going from sensible to silly nearly as quickly as the podcast
September 24 at 1:01pm · Unlike · 2

Chris James Stuttard Me 2
September 24 at 1:01pm · Like

Robert W. Johnson I’ve always classified heresy as a teaching that, if held, separates one from salvation in Christ. Bell is without doubt in this category as he teaches universalism and religious pluralism.
September 24 at 1:07pm · Like · 1

Robert W. Johnson Just to expound on that last point, someone can have a false teaching but still be in Christ. We have to weigh, Biblically, what separates and what doesn’t. To classify a heresy as simply a false teaching I think results in the abuse of the word.

And this is evident as you don’t have to cruise the internet too much before you find an arminian calling a calvinist a heretic or YEC and OEC. I think it’s a shame that the word has been misused and used so nonchalantly.
September 24 at 2:00pm · Edited · Unlike · 4

Brad Melton So what definition of Universalism are you describing? (There seem to be a few.) Universalism that claims ALL are redeemed to eternity with The Father BECAUSE of Christ’s atoning death and resurrection would seem to not meet Robert’s or Immanuel’s definitions of heresy.
September 24 at 3:07pm · Like

Chris James Stuttard Id still say that was heretical
September 24 at 4:18pm · Like

Immanuel Marsh Yeah I wouldn’t call that heresy. I’m not a universalist. But I would just consider that to be wrong or misguided, not heretical.
September 24 at 4:22pm · Like

Chris James Stuttard Ok little lost any view that doesn’t promote salvation by faith and repentance. Is false but not heretical?
September 24 at 4:25pm · Like

Immanuel Marsh You can believe in salvation by faith alone and still be a universalist (depending on what type of universalism).
September 24 at 4:27pm · Like · 1

Chris James Stuttard But it’s more than faith alone it’s repentance through faith. Without repentance salvation is null and void I would
September 24 at 4:53pm · Like

Chris James Stuttard say pressed return 2 early
September 24 at 4:53pm · Like

Immanuel Marsh Yeah my point was that I believe you can be legitimately converted and still be a universalist.
September 24 at 6:33pm · Like

Robert W. Johnson Rob Bell’s view of universalism is false and can lead people into not following Jesus in this life as they will be able to follow Him later on after they’ve lead terrible lives. Bell puts up a good front in interviews but he doesn’t answer any questions head on because he knows the heretical nature of what he writes and teaches. This new book that will be coming out on egalitarianism is going to be along those same lines. This view is heresy to me.
September 24 at 7:08pm · Like · 2

Chris James Stuttard

Other Hall topics this week: (Join the Hall to read the discussions – not engage too much on the podcast on these)
Robert W. Johnson
Here’s a quote from the MEV translation website,
” The MEV is a translation of the Textus Receptus and the Jacob ben Hayyim edition of the Masoretic Text, using the King James Version as the base manuscript.”
My question to the hall is: Do you think producing a translation based on the textus receptus and the KJV Translation is a waste of time as new discoveries have found much older manuscripts that were not yet discovered when the KJV translators were working in 1605-1611?

Robert W. Johnson
September 24 at 2:03pm
This is a topic I’ve started to study but would like to know your thoughts: How often should communion be performed? Is there a Biblical limitation/instruction?
If possible, provide chapter and verse.



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