“One Last Ride”, Episode 21 of The Gospel Friends

“One Last Ride”
Episode 21 of The Gospel Friends


What’s On Tap?


The Open

What Were You Thinking?!?


The Undercard

Game: Geek Trivia (Nick)


The Main Event

Houston. The city subpoenas pastors’ sermons in equal rights ordinance case.

Driscoll’s Resignation
Statement by Mars Hill: https://marshill.com/2014/10/15/pastor-mark-driscolls-resignation

Exclusive: Mark Driscoll’s resignation letter to Mars Hill Church


Listener Feedback

From The Twitter

Jon Lorbacher (@Jon_Lorbacher)
@mygospelfriends outlawing homelessness is about as useful as outlawing crime. It doesn’t take care of the problem. I think that the church does need to be taking care of homeless regardless of what the government cares to do.

Jon Lorbacher (@Jon_Lorbacher) and John Duncan (@jsduncan04)
Jon L:  In response to xtians drinking I think the Bible says not only is drinking OK but one can even enjoy the effects thereof. I think the psalmist makes that clear in saying wine which gladdens the heart. drunkenness is a sin and discernment is incredibly important. the gladdening of the heart and relaxation certainly doesn’t appear sinful. I may be wrong  John D: I agree that a drink in itself is not a sin; My objection to drinking is no one knows if they have an addictive body chemistry until it’s too late. I judge drinking only on professed doctrine. I’m Baptist so I don’t drink. If Methodist OK in moderation.

Superdad (@IamSuperdad)
A man stumbling out of water, mask and snorkel, carrying a bucket, fins on feet, casting net wrapped around shoulders…that is why a select number of people know Chase as Aquaman.

The Gospel Friends (@mygospelfriends)
So – Has anybody seen the new #leftbehind movie? Was it good? Funny? Unintentionally funny? #rapture

Thomas Horrocks (@thomaslhorrocks) awful. But fun if you go with someone who will mock it with you
William Weaver (@wllmwvr50) not as painful as some of the old lb videos. Too predictable..plot centers on a airlplane. No surprise there.

The Gospel Friends (@mygospelfriends) This might be a spot offensive, but we mean it in good fun.

Jenny Mac Rogers (@JennyMac1207): New favorite twitter account to follow: @mygospelfriends Because this:…

Drew Marshall (@WeRYouthCulture) a Christian podcast dedicated to having an unchrist-like attitude toward Joel Osteen!!! Lame!

Josh Laney (@xEtrnlSoulx) lol! I feel like you guys worry about offending people too much. But I respect your sensitivity to the potential of it.

MOE (@MOEMJB1) So judgmental.That’s God’s job,but I guess you all feel He died and made you Gods.We’re all a work in progress
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Brad Melton (@BradEMelton)
@mygospelfriends #GOHOGS! #BeatBama! … #ThatIsAll Don’t understand why you won’t fave my #BeatBama tweet. @jdavidmcconnell Can I get a witness? #GOHOGS! #WPS! One day I may retire to Gulf Shores. Can’t afford to become a Bama fan though. Evil is expensive. #GOHOGS! #BeatBama! 😉

Phil Benson (@jaucourt)
So I’ve been mixing up the @mygospelfriends and @ReformedPodcast podcasts. Explain for@ReformedPodcast why I’ve sent some odd tweets #doh

Josh Laney (@xEtrnlSoulx)
@mygospelfriends did “Captain” get raptured towards the end of the episode?!?! Or did he hit the mute button? AND Superdad (@IamSuperdad)
So Cap’n couldn’t finish the show due to be so distraught about bears hairs being ripped out my iPhone 6. Interesting.

FunkyStickman (@FunkyStickman)
@mygospelfriends Love the attention, but have to say as a guitarist I love Shawn Lombard’s music. Won’t hurt my feelings using his music! AND Yeeee Haw! Can’t think of better reason to be a Redneck than this:youtube.com/watch?v=1jnKVP…

Caretaker Man (@baptistfixer)
After listening to latest @mygospelfriends ep, I’m fairly certain I’m not getting the new iPhone. My glorious beard > hipster technology AND FYI: Pizza Hut promo: Guinea pigs were given as a garnish. That’s how we do dinner down here.

Tim Poole (@tpoole33)
As long as there’s strength in this body, you won’t hug me like a #JapaneseChair @mygospelfriends, it’s just not gonna happen.

Jeremiah Martin
On the one hand, I’m pumped that I was mentioned a half dozen times on the podcast. On the other hand, I feel like I wasted my first call with a terrible story… Haha. Not gonna lie, I was just thinking that every time I was mentioned I was referred to by my full name. Immanuel Marsh is just Immanuel, Dan Richardson is just Dan (from Australia), or @BaptistFixer. I was wondering how many Jeremiah’s are in the Hall that you have to emphasize my last name? Haha. I was looking forward to a nickname, but I’m slightly underwhelmed by your suggestion, David. Unless of course my superhero name is Captain Cadaver, which would be killer!
David McConnell Jeremiah – done.

Immanuel Marsh
What I learned from Episode XX:
1. The iPhone 6’s newest feature, a close shave, is not catching on with consumers.
2. Apparently, not having an affair is not high on the list of how to affair-proof your marriage.
3. Reformed/Calvinists believe that God, in his sovereignty, ordained for you to marry that abusive, adulterous, and cruel spouse so that he can receive glory, and your children can enjoy the bountiful blessing that is therapy.
Great show guys.
P.S. – Sorry for the 4-star review. I am cursed with being too honest for my own good (ask my wife). I think I deducted a star for Nick’s repeated “The Twitter” usage. However, the show that I was on is definitely a 5 star show (but only because that’s as high the rating will allow). If it makes you feel any better I finally listened to the RELEVANT podcast, and immediately thought they should add “IR” to their title. I would give them 2 stars.

Tony Vance
Just want to say you’ve offended the funeral director part of your audience (I’ve served as a Funeral Director for 24 years now) with Jeremiah Martin’s story-ugh Immanuel Marsh No one’s safe Tony. No one.

Jacob Hatcher
Thanks for the shoutout as well as the prayers, guys. I would have mentioned football as my first post but Alabama’s loss to Ole Miss and barely surviving Arkansas means I would much rather discuss the rapture. A world in which Kentucky is making a run for the East and Ole Miss and Miss State are vying for number 1 would lead me to believe in Post Trib, because the Beast surely walks among us

Chris James Stuttard
Sports related post!
Shout out to Wales at there good run In the Euro qualifiers as we have never ever qualified!
Chase Thompson Chris: are you a Proper Welshman? That is fantastic if so. What is the Wales team name? Chris James Stuttard Chase lol team name is Wales like the usa is usa hahahaha Chris James Stuttard Chase if u mean in Welsh it’s Cymru
Coming up on The Gospel Friends
Brad Melton
October 14 at 4:04pm
Would appreciate this as a podcast discussion topic -entrepreneurial tent making vs. full-time missions support raising.


The Aftershow

David has a confession…



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