“The Renewed Mind Is the Key”, Episode 16 of The Gospel Friends

“The Renewed Mind Is The Key”
Episode 16 of The Gospel Friends
Special Guest Host: Immanuel Marsh


What’s On Tap?


The Cold Open

Immanuel Hates Apple


The Undercard 



The Main Event

Big deal or Little Deal? (Chase)




Football team forced to remove Christian crosses from helmets (David)

Would you marry a cohabiting couple? (Immanuel)


Listener Feedback

Let There Be Movies (@LetThereBMovies)
9/9/14, 2:39 PM
@mygospelfriends Just heard ep. 13. I hope I’m not too late, but my vote is for “THE Twitter”. Because annoying 🙂 Great show guys!

Jeremiah Martin (@jeremiahdmartin)
9/10/14, 6:52 PM
@mygospelfriends I’m listening to the 25th episode right now. Not so great, guys…

Dan: You have some explaining to do! (Is it possible to talk about this show in an acceptable way??) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzqtXU0p7Ks From the Australian Children’s TV show, Round The Twist. Round the Twist is notable for having pushed the boundaries of what is acceptable for children’s television, to the extent that the Australian Children’s Television Foundation had difficulty finding a distributor for it: according to the ACTF’s marketing Manager Jenny Buckland, “the scripts were declared ‘too rude’, ‘not for television’ and ‘outrageous'”.[2]
Some episodes include references to flatulence, defecation, urination, body odor, underwear, birth, death, nudity, incest, and genitalia.[3] However these are all used for comic effect, and the series also engages with significant personal or social issues such as environmental conservation, or relations with the opposite sex.[4] Many episodes revolve around helping restless spirits of dead people or animals find peace.[5]

Chris stuttard (@ChrisStuttard) 9/11/14, 10:58 AM Food question what is this @mygospelfriends pic.twitter.com/
Google middlesbrough parmo //: also: ramsdens is the sponsor not Harry ramsdens but a pawn broker. The nickname is boro.
Also from Chris: @mygospelfriends as soon as a brother or sister who we dislike falls we seem to forget all sin is equal and we are just as bad as them.

@tonystaley Church sign for you guys from southern Ohio. @mygospelfriends http://t.co/dBd3MWipMW
From the Hall of Dogma:
Elijiah Thompson Buffalo, NY…My boss calls it “the twitter”. He doesn’t listen to the show. He’s serious.

Immanuel Marsh — What I learned from Episode 15: Neither Nick Jenkins nor Chase Thompson knows where Heineken is brewed.
The Aftershow

Top Ten Most Embarrassing-Yet-Hilarious Christian Videos

Chris stuttard (@ChrisStuttard)
9/11/14, 1:05 PM
@mygospelfriends john daker, and mighty to save hahaha. Coming to @JoelOsteen church next Sunday renewed mind lol.

Rachel @journeyofchuck
@mygospelfriends I’ve seen most of these, but “john daker” is new to me. The subtitles put it over the top. Can’t stop watching it. Crying.

Samuel Lovell ‏@samuel_lovell @mygospelfriends thanks for the shout-out (can’t say I was surprised, obviously…) Fav video in top 10 is Pensacola Free Will song, btw…



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