The Gospel Friends, Episode 8 “Breakin’ the Law”

The Gospel Friends
Episode 8 “Breakin’ the Law”


What’s On Tap?


Oh No, You Didn’t

They killed Archie to make a political point?

And in related news, Thor is now a girl…


The Undercard
Game: Cereal Slogan Trivia


The Main Event

Ten Cliches Christians Should Never Use (David)

TIOLI (Chase)
Facephone vs. “As the Osteen Turns” and Movie Trailers vs. Discussion Points > Moses vs. Unbroken

More on Suffering…

Kindle Unlimited, Netflix, Logos, Oh My! (Nick)


Listener Feedback

  • Care Taker Man (@baptistfixer): ”As I clean our sanctuary chairs, I’m reminded to be thankful that I don’t work for White Tail Chapel in Virginia.”
  • Voicemail from Josh


The Aftershow

Fail of the Week: 3 unassuming ministers, are almost arrested watching a grown man get a birthday spanking in a public place…


Contact Info

Twitter: @mygospelfriends
Voicemail: (205) 575-9735


Special Thanks

Special thanks to Shawn Lombard for our music – “Won’t Go ‘Til You Bless Me” from Rare Bird