The Gospel Friends, Episode 8 “Breakin’ the Law”

The Gospel Friends
Episode 8 “Breakin’ the Law”


What’s On Tap?


Oh No, You Didn’t

They killed Archie to make a political point?

And in related news, Thor is now a girl…


The Undercard
Game: Cereal Slogan Trivia


The Main Event

Ten Cliches Christians Should Never Use (David)

Ten Cliches Christians Should Never Use

TIOLI (Chase)
Facephone vs. “As the Osteen Turns” and Movie Trailers vs. Discussion Points > Moses vs. Unbroken

More on Suffering…

Kindle Unlimited, Netflix, Logos, Oh My! (Nick)


Listener Feedback

  • Care Taker Man (@baptistfixer): ”As I clean our sanctuary chairs, I’m reminded to be thankful that I don’t work for White Tail Chapel in Virginia.”
  • Voicemail from Josh


The Aftershow

Fail of the Week: 3 unassuming ministers, are almost arrested watching a grown man get a birthday spanking in a public place…


Contact Info

Twitter: @mygospelfriends
Voicemail: (205) 575-9735


Special Thanks

Special thanks to Shawn Lombard for our music – “Won’t Go ‘Til You Bless Me” from Rare Bird