The Gospel Friends, Episode 2 “The Gospel Friends X, because X makes it cooler…”

The Gospel Friends
Episode 8 “Breakin’ the Law”
Twitter Feedback from @adhesivewombat
What’s On Tap?
Are You Guys Drunk?
Ministry uses bible verse and Adolf Hitler quote (we had honorable intentions!!)
Check This Out
The Undercard

Game: Heresy or Not?
The Main Event

Real Talk X: Music, Nick

Take It or Leave It
As the Driscoll Turns
Left Behind Movie Trailer

Pulpit Plagiarism – Is it on the rise? Is it even a problem? Should we even care?

Is pulpit plagiarism on the rise? Some blame the Internet

The Aftershow

Theology for Dummies aka Theogeeks: Antinomianism

Man fakes murder for Google street maps
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Special thanks to Shawn Lombard for our music – “Won’t Go ‘Til You Bless Me” from Rare Bird