“We’ve Got A Mormon Up In The Bullpen”, Episode 25 of The Gospel Friends

“We’ve Got A Mormon Up In The Bullpen”
Episode 25 of The Gospel Friends
What’s On Tap?
The Cold Open

What Were You Thinking?!? Global Edition
The Undercard

The Gospel Friends Trivia, David
The Main Event

Joseph Smith and Polygamy (Chase)

How can churches REALLY be friendly? (David)

Hall Monitor (Nick)

  • Pulpit Plagiarism
    • link from previous discussion on the topic – http://www.religionnews.com/2014/06/04/pastoral-plagiarism-rise-cite-digital-ease/
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    • Kevin Small – myhopejourney.co
    • Robert Johnson – http://apologetics105.com/
    • Tony Vance – revtonyvance.wix.com/tonyvance
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Listener Feedback

@mygospelfriends Why does @nickjenkins sound like he’s trying to pick up a date when he gives out the contact info?

FunkyStickman @funkystickman
@mygospelfriends Re Driscoll: I think people disliked his personality, & they were looking for a reason to take him down. Max H. is right. “Ministry Of Criticism” is so sad. Offended/Victim culture has permeated the church, and it sickens me.

VoiceMail – Corey

Old Paths Guide @oldpathsguide
@mygospelfriends Thanks so much for the discussion on women teaching in the ecclessia. Your take was exactly mine. The issue is authority. BTW – Don’t quote scripture from the (ESV) Evil Satanic Version! Get back on them #oldpaths

Chad Neil @cneil1992
@mygospelfriends just now listening to Episode #24 and have a suggestion for Rev…DVR!!! Timer on VCR??? Really??? LOLOLOL!!! #jackbauer
D. Johnson @mrsangrygrandma
@cneil1992 @mygospelfriends I have a TiVo I could sell him. 😉



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