“the X Friends”, Episode X (aka 10) of The Gospel Friends

“the X Friends”
Episode X (aka 10) of The Gospel Friends


What’s On Tap?


The Cold Open

“I am the worst pastor that ever lived…”


The Undercard

Game: Finish That Proverb


The Main Event

5 Easy Steps to a Shallow Christian Life, Chase

Stop Outsourcing Child Welfare, Nick

Yay or Nay, David


Question of the Week:

Are you in favor of a church having 1 traditional and 1 contemporary service? Why or Why not?

Emily LaVigne @Mumlavigne · Jul 31
@mygospelfriends if the church has two distinctive demographics where the congregation would be better served with such, then yes.
Marusha @Marusha76 · Jul 31
@mygospelfriends Against, because church isn’t about preferences but to serve God in pleasing and acceptable ways together.
Killer Tortilla @killerTortilla · Jul 31
@mygospelfriends Generally, no. Feels like two different churches in the same building. Focus on ensuring music is doctrinally sound.
Michael Robinson @wm_robinson · Jul 31
@mygospelfriends Im not in favor of it or against it. It just seen to work well. One usually overtakes the other.
Fr. Eddie Green @EdwardBGreen · Jul 31
@Marusha76 @mygospelfriends Matthew 13:52. But ideally together. Obviously high mass with a worship band is my ‘tradition’.
Desiree Johnson @mrsangrygrandma · Jul 31
@mygospelfriends I prefer a blended service. However, I’m not against two services. It’s not a heart issue, just one of musical taste.
Chris Land @jchrisland · Jul 31
@mygospelfriends That does not show unity in a church whatsoever. So I am not for it.
Caretaker Man ‏@baptistfixer Aug 1
@mygospelfriends @Marusha76 I’m not a fan but as long as there is enough time between the two for me to do my thing without crying in pain..
Caretaker Man‏@baptistfixer
@mygospelfriends @Marusha76 …seriously though, i second @Marusha76 . To aim worship @ congregants is abhorrent in the extreme.
Michael Woodard @RMichaelWoodard · Aug 1
@mygospelfriends I’m Ok with it. Today’s traditional was yesterday’s contemporary. Just keep Creator the focus, not creature.
Stephen Bowen ن @countryboy7477 · Aug 1
@mygospelfriends I spoke at a church that did this. It seemed to separate the elders & youth. Bad idea in my view but was working for them.
Desiree Johnson @mrsangrygrandma · Aug 1
@mygospelfriends @wadehowelljr some chrchs need 2 svc bc of size. If it makes sense to have 2 styles & still come together in service, ok


Listener Feedback

David – shout out to @ElijiahT
Once I catch up on all of the @mygospelfriends’ podcasts, maybe i’ll give timely feedback and win a box of honeycomb. (Also – as a soon to be podcaster, I’m a big fan of the show. I just need to set up my own hall of dogma AND also suggested Samus Aran as a ‘modestly dressed’ heroine)
@baptistfixer (caretaker man) for his iTunes review. (David’s Challenge to CareTaker Man)
Dan’s Call. Natalie’s comment.
@iamsuperdad called David, David Mctonguetwist)
@anonchurchmembr Guys I love the podcast. I feel like I am listening to myself talk to me. If that makes any sense. It’s a good thing.
Jon Lorbacher @Jon_Lorbacher · 18h @jdavidmcconnell @mygospelfriends no problem. I greatly appreciate what you guys are doing. Sure makes the workday go by quicker!

From Tony Staley:
Hey guys, I just wanted to ask your take on a subject close to my heart. We tweeted back and forth about the Warcraft movie and I would like to know your opinion on RPGs and MMOs.
My wife and I played Warcraft for a few years. We tried not to play while my son was up, but we played a lot after bedtime, 2 – 3 hours a day. We decided to quit when our second child was on the way. For multiple reasons, but primarily time, money and we did feel that the theme was potentially opening a door for demonic activity in our home, as our son did seem to be dealing with fear issues that have since resolved.
I have recently started playing hearthstone for 30 – 60 minutes every couple days and the movie is coming out in the next couple years, so what is your take?
@tonystaley on twitter.


The Aftershow

More (Interesting Church Signs)


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