“Is He a Christian?”, Episode 58 of The Gospel Friends

“Is He a Christian?”
Episode 58 of The Gospel Friends



The Cold Open

Patriotism in Church – Appropriate??


Bring the Funny

Who Said It? Hall of Dogma Church Out of Context Edition


Whiplash Back to Serious


Topical discussion: Cessationism


Listener Feedback (15 minutes)

from Chris Stuttard

Ok after my post a few weeks back asking for advice with working with certain people in Middlesbrough. I would like more advice following the gay conversation.

Basically the guy I was looking to work with is pro the decision last week and is pro gay christian. So I have spent time as I am sure many if not all of you have thought about the ramifications of the decision.

I can’t get over the fact that 2 me the problem between the 2 sides in the church not those outside. Is their view on if homosexual sex is a sin or not. My question is this. Can anyone work with someone for the good of a city with someone who doesn’t call a sin no matter what it is a sin? I have been thinking about Jesus’s teaching on being aware of the leaven in teaching, and it’s ability to spoil.

Any advice appreciated thanks

from Richie Devotie

Finally this long has come to a end, 7 services all within 36 hours and a bunch of tapings in between services will wear a camera man out. But It was all worth it, even if one life was changed.

from James McSorley

Hey buddy, how are you? Been a while since I checked in with you guys! …I dunno how much info you have on the Mc Connell issue, so here’s the story thus far. After the media storm last year and the caution James received we assumed that was the end of the story. A few weeks ago he was asked to sign a document which he believes would put restrictions on the content of his sermons in future. He refused. Two policewoman called a few days later with a court summons the details of which are still sketchy. If found guilty he will receive a fine, which, he says he won’t pay, which could possibly result in a six month prison term. I fully stand with James in rejecting Islam with it’s various doctrines, but in saying that, he could definitely have worded it better. We are supposed to speak the truth in love right? Where he went wrong big time in the sermon was when he said he didn’t trust ANY Muslim. That was unfortunate as there are many decent law abiding Muslims living and working in our country.James is not a hateful person in any way and has been used mightily by God. He hasn’t lost any of his zeal for God and feels that any change to his comments may be seen as a compromise. The reason for his appearing in court though is to do with his sermon, which is an attack on free speech. This is what we should all be defending whether we agree with what’s being said or not. It feels as though our faith is being assaulted over and over again and this can be discouraging but we know the end of the story bro! God is still on the throne and I pray we all receive grace so as to be found faithful in these strange days. Love you guys, and will be praying for my brothers and sisters in the HOD. God speed.



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