“Still better than the Prequels”, Episode 66 of The Gospel Friends

“Still better than the Prequels”
Episode 66 of The Gospel Friends

The Cold Open

The Ethics Question, from K-Small (myhopejourney.com)

Is it a sin for Missionaries to lie in order to gain access to a country that is closed to the Gospel?

  • From Nathan Martin: Alright folks. Here is a good topic. I am friends with Robbie George (Robert P. George) the ethicist and a firm believer and ally in the culture war. (He is Catholic.) Anyways, he had this to say today:”Telling lies to gain access to Planned Parenthood personnel is not on a par of evil with the grisly and quite literally homicidal practices of that corrupt organization. And yet, telling lies is wrong and cannot be justified even for the sake of exposing those practices. When I have made this point in the past in relation to sting operations carried out by Live Action, I have drawn the ire of some of my most beloved pro-life friends. They reason that a little bit of lying, surely, in a cause as noble as fighting the killing of unborn babies, is justified. About the nobility of the cause, I could not agree more. Still I cannot countenance the lying. Our cause, ultimately, is the cause of truth. It is the truth about then estimable value of human life in all stages and conditions that we ask our fellow citizens to honor. Love of truth must be at the foundation of everything we do. And we must not compromise the truth in carrying out our mission. We must trust in the luminosity and liberating power of truth.” Big deal. Little deal. No deal.Chase and David, perhaps a great topic for the pod.
  • Sam Sessa: http://thefederalist.com/2015/08/18/lie-planned-parenthood-videos-was-right/

Bring the Funny


Name Discussion – “Puke, Roll or Meh?”

  1. 92 year old woman ousted from church for not tithing (Shout out to Eli Brown)
  2. Tim Tebow breaks up a fight
  3. Band Pulled from Halftime Show
  4. Donald Trump / Pope http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/acts-of-faith/wp/2015/08/20/donald-trump-i-would-tell-pope-francis-isis-wants-to-get-you/
  5. Mcarthur vs. Prophet
  6. http://m.myfoxal.com/myfoxal/pm_/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=od:NaMyXXIk
  7. Challies – Guardian Angels

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