“This Is Upwards Gospel Friends“, Episode 6 of The Uncanny Gospel Friends

The Bottom Line + Listener Feedback

“It’s liam from Canada. I’m still working my way through the gospel friends back catalog currently on episode 51, but I have a question for you. There’s a pentecostal church near where my church is that practice is communion interesting way they have grape juice and then a cracker with cheese on it. What are your thoughts on this and on communion in general some churches practice communion every Sunday and some once a month love to hear your thoughts on that. Thanks guys and chase keep across your brother.”


WWYT?! 2.0


To Bee or Not To Bee

23 Christian Movies That NEED To Be Made


The Main Event

Can a Christian participate in social media and not sin?


Landing the Plane

CFB Pick ‘Em

  • Iowa State at Oklahoma
  • Wake Forest at Clemson
  • Maryland at Ohio State
  • Missouri at Kentucky
  • Ole Miss at Auburn
  • Alabama at Texas A&M
  • Louisiana Tech at UAB


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Special Thanks

to Josh Grimes for our intro voiceover
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