“We Would Like To Welcome The Thanksgiving Scrooge”, Episode 26 of The Gospel Friends

“We Would Like To Welcome The Thanksgiving Scrooge”
Episode 26 of The Gospel Friends


The Cold Open

What’s On Tap? Chase, David, Nick

Nigerian Pastor Tries To Walk On Water Like Jesus, Then Drowns In Front Of His Congregation – http://www.reportghananews.com/nigerian-pastor-tries-to-walk-on-water-like-jesus-then-drowns-in-front-of-his-congregation/

Plans for Thanksgiving?


The Undercard

Game: Cereal Box Trivia


The Main Event

From The Twitter, Immanuel
@mygospelfriends what say you?? :/RT @johnmacarthur: A lack of expository preaching demonstrates a lack of submission to Scripture
@mygospelfriends I prefer a mixture of both. But honestly as long as the one preaching is led by the Holy Spirit, either way will be right!

Hall Monitor, Chase
It looks as though my church is soon to appoint a female Associate Pastor. Don’t get me wrong, I love women….so much so that I married one. It’s my understanding however that scripture expressly forbids this in the pastoral-epistles. Am I incorrect? Is this a hill that one should die on? How would you respond (or how have you responded) to this kind of situation?
Just seeking some wisdom is all..


Surviving Faith Assembly, Nick


The Aftershow

Story Time: Unexpected Provisional Confirmation, Chase



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