“Ask Elder Fudd“, Episode 4 of The Gospel Friends

The Bottom Line

How much authority does a pastor have?

I’m from a Pentecostal Spanish church there was a situation where 5 of my friends had left the church because it’s teaching false doctrine , the pastor of the church is an Arminian now not long ago the pastor had told me not to hang out with them because they were the ones that were teaching false doctrine and I was wondering what are your thoughts and What i should do simply because they are my friends and I want to hang out with them but also I would be disobeying my pastor and the Bible says to honor your pastor I wanted to get an opinion from someone who wasn’t part of the situation and also someone who didn’t know who everyone is and I figured since I listen to you guys podcast maybe you guys could give me an answer


The Game

What is David Thinking


The Main Event

TUGF vs Pop Culture (aka How To Lose Your Audience in 10 Minutes)



Look What the Trolls Drug In

All About That Grace – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4NoqZB7qv0


Landing the Plane

CFB Pick ‘Em

  • Georgia at Notre Dame
  • East Carolina at West Virginia
  • AUburn (12) at Clemson (5)
  • Fresno State at Alabama
  • Eastern Kentucky at Kentucky
  • UAB at Ball State

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