“I have no reason to repent today”, Episode 3 of The Uncanny Gospel Friends

The Cold Open

Was there a fight of some kind last night?

The Bottom Line

Protecting our children.

“Okay, so this one I am sure doesn’t make sense. BUT, if a parent’s job is to raise a child to serve the Lord, shouldn’t we teach them how to be in the trenches? Shouldn’t they see us there? Instead we try to protect them from the trenches, and they often don’t learn how to handle it. We are so concerned with keeping them safe, sometimes we will disobey callings in scripture because we don’t want to affect our kids. We forget our kids belong to God and he is their protector as well. I’m not saying don’t follow the leading of the spirit, or neglect your responsibility as a parent… but their happiness and honestly safety isn’t the ultimate goal.”


How do we balance the risks of ministry with the responsibility to protect our children?

Time for a Game

2017 College Football Season

College Football Pick’Em

  • Michigan (11) vs Florida (17)
  • Ohio State(2) at Indiana
  • Georgia Southern at Auburn (12)
  • Florida State (3) vs Alabama (1)
  • Kentucky at Southern Miss
  • Alabama A&M at UAB

Main Event

Overbearing Elders, tyrannical Deacons, oh my…!

Landing the Plane


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