“Is That A Phone In Your Beard Or Are You Just A Hipster”, Episode 20 of The Gospel Friends

“Is That A Phone In Your Beard Or Are You Just A Hipster”
Episode 20 of The Gospel Friends

What’s On Tap?

The Cold Open

What Were You Thinking?!? Global Trivia Edition


The Main Event

8 Ways for Pastors to Affair-Proof Their Marriage, Chase

Advice for the Marriage in Trouble, David

Bi-vocational Ministry, Nick


Listener Feedback

#ATHEIST ‏@ReligionStupid  35m35 minutes ago
Just listened to the @mygospelfriends podcast. All of them.

I only like when it’s over.

Dalton Blankenship ‏@momisnowtweetin  2h2 hours ago
@mygospelfriends What a joy to be able to enjoy laughter w ‘preacher folk!’ Great show (#19) I’m hooked! Gospel—like Jesus would do it today
Shmucky McShmuck ‏@antonahill  3h3 hours ago
In which I give a shout-out to @mygospelfriends! The #AtheistEditedShow with The #DevoutAtheist: http://youtu.be/WqEpAa4EJhs

MOE ‏@MOEMJB1  13h13 hours ago
@mygospelfriends  @jason_kees So judgmental.That’s God’s job,but I guess you all feel He died and made you Gods.We’re all a work in progress

Jeremiah Martin ‏@jeremiahdmartin  22h22 hours ago
“Let the listener decide, as the Bible says.” – @mygospelfriends podcast. #solidexegesis

Drew H ‏@TheReal_DrewH  Oct 5
@mygospelfriends what do you use to record other than mic?

Ryan @Salaboomhead
@mygospelfriends I have to admit being Canadian and I did enjoy your global segment…@mygospelfriends however next time I shall not listen to your podcast while eating chicken like I did this time … Chicken lost its appeal

Chris Land @jchrisland
Listening to @mygospelfriends talking about a girl having a hairball in her stomach. Thanks guys. Now I feel sick 😉

Church Member Anon
It’s time to listen to the new @mygospelfriends episode. So far I learned I can get a chair from Japan that hugs me.

Let There B Movies
@mygospelfriends Ep. 18, re: your southern accents… I only pickup a southern twang from David. Chase and Nick are pretty normal 😉

Old Paths Guide
@LetThereBMovies @mygospelfriends I don’t hear accents. I’m from the south where Jesus lives and when He talks to me it’s with a drawl. @mygospelfriends This was just about my favorite first 1/2 hour of the show you guys have ever done. Hilarious.

John Latimer
I wanted to thank you all for a couple of things as I drove to work: 1) you made me laugh so hard in the first 30 minutes of the podcast this week that I sprayed Diet Dr Pepper all over the inside of my car (which wasn’t helped by the fact that half my mouth is numb from the dentist) and 2) I made a Hoover motorcycle cop laugh at me after he saw me spray said soda in my car. Thanks.

Funky Stinkman
@mygospelfriends Website isn’t showing show notes from eps. 16-19. http://t.co/dSnVgW0GXC

Immanuel Marsh
What I learned from Episode 19:
1. The Bible does not mention cats (Because lions and leopards apparently don’t count).
2. The Gospel Friends’ kryptonite is Bible trivia.
3. iPhone 6 is the leading cause of divorce among pastors.

Jeff Hendricks
Question from Episode 19:If you are a professional (full-time) minister, do you feel (or have you in the past felt) like this limits your freedom in what you can and can’t teach about? What about music ministers? Do you feel a paycheck hinders your freedom to lead worship freely?
For years, I wanted to be a (mostly) full-time music minister, until I actually got the chance to do so. I quickly found that most churches that had paid music staff were very *very* particular in how they carried out their responsibilities. I’ve seen over and over again how the deacon committee dictated exactly what the ministerial staff did, and how they did it.
At one point, I even had someone comment “We pay you $___ so that works out to like, $__ per song!” I no longer lead worship for money… I’m not sure I would ever do so again. It would have to be under extremely unique circumstances for me to agree to it.
If you have experience with this (good or bad) I’d love to hear it. We can encourage each other here without fear of accusation or condemnation.

More From the Hall This Week

Jacob Hatcher
Hey Hall of Dogma! I’m a new listener and new to the Hall. Pre and Post Trib has been mentioned on a couple of episodes. Was wondering what everyone’s thoughts were!

Jacob Hatcher Thanks David. Our most urgent prayer is that he be able to breathe with as little assistance as possible from the machines. He had a heart surgery last Friday that he’s recovering relatively well from so we praise God for that. He’ll be in the NICU until at least Thanksgiving, so just prayers for his continued growth and our sanity. (On top of a three month early baby I work full time retail management and full time seminary student).

Jeremiah Martin
In Episode 19, you guys mentioned some people being in ministry and saying “If I could do anything else, I would… but I have to support my family.” Great thoughts on the topic, but I actually have the opposite problem. I love the work I do, but I’ve always had a heart for ministry. I’ve struggled for a long time with the idea of perpetually “preparing” for ministry and never actually being in full-time ministry. Granted, I realize not all ministry is full-time or vocational, but I travel regularly for my job and I end up missing church regularly, no less trying to be involved in ministries there. Any thoughts?

James Mc Sorley
Q for the hall. I recently heard a discussion between two reformed guys talking about John Mac Arthur on Larry Kings show. Larry asked John about his views on whether or not an infant that dies goes to heaven. Without hesitation John said they did. I was surprised to hear these two saying, that this was a dangerous position to take, as there was no scriptural proof for that viewpoint. Further they then went on to say that if an infant did go straight to heaven, christians should not protest abortion .I thought this was a staggering viewpoint. Its true everyone is born with a fallen nature and guilty in that regard, but an infant is unable to sin by practise, therefore I believe the atonement totally covers them. Also I could never conceive that God would condemn an infant. I personally agree with Mac Arthur and believe there is scriptural proof i.e 2Sam v21-23 also the bible is full of other references of little children and babies in the glory. Spurgeon also has a great sermon on the subject titled ” infant salvation”. Sensitive issue this one, but well worth a discussion.

Tony Vance
Here’s a doozy for theological thinking…
My denomination practices foot-washing as we believe Christ commanded us to do, ‘If I then , your Lord and Master , have washed your feet ; ye also ought to wash one another’s feet . ‘ (John 13:14).
So what’s the thoughts on this, ‘not much practiced’ practice?


The Aftershow

Preaching Alabama – New Reality Show



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