“Put Mr. Ed On That Bun”, Episode 23 of The Gospel Friends

“Put Mr. Ed On That Bun”
Episode 23 of The Gospel Friends


The Cold Open

What Were You Thinking?

TGF Jeopardy, Immanuel


The Main Event

From Max Headroom – Question to The General and The Gospel Friends: There is a church near where I live that seems to attract adulterous people. What responsibility does a church or pastor have when they attract people in adulterous relationships? What responsibility does a pastor have when some of those who have left their wives are now in church leadership?
Atmosphere – Strong message.

Mars Hill Update


Listener Feedback

FunkyStickman (@FunkyStickman)
@mygospelfriends how many listeners in Louisiana? No Cajun podcast listeners? Well, besides me?

Jon Lorbacher (@Jon_Lorbacher)
@mygospelfriends catching up on TGF after our new baby was born. kudos to @jdavidmcconnell getting my name right on ep.21.

James Mc Sorley (@JMCS76)
@mygospelfriends another great podcast this week guys! Had to skip breakfast after the 1st topic though. Lol.

Brad Melton (@BradEMelton)
@mygospelfriends Thanks for featuring the missions fundraising topic. Lots of good insight. Sparked more convo with friends.

Let There Be Movies (@LetThereBMovies)
@mygospelfriends we’ve established David’s southern twang, now he’s against Christian freedom of speech. Troubling profile materializing 😉

Captain Cadaver: Jeremiah D. Martin (@jeremiahdmartin)
If something happened to Nick, I would nominate Captain Cadaver as his replacement.
@mygospelfriends What would you guys think about scheduling a live Twitter chat sometime? @nickjenkins@chaseathompson @jdavidmcconnell

The Gospel Friends (@mygospelfriends)
“If you’re a church person and not a Jesus person, my heart hurts for you. It’s like being engaged and never getting married.” Matt Chandler
Preston S. Brooks (@Rebel_Bill)
@mygospelfriends What if you are a Jesus person and not a church person?

Desiree Johnson (@mrsangrygrandma)
@mygospelfriends who sounded overly excited about that KFC sandwich? 😉

Daniel Lee
Hey guys, love the show. I listen to your podcasts as I walk 18 holes of golf every Tuesday morning. Bogies are not as bad now. Thank you. Y’all need to put some seats in the hall of dogma like rickandbubba have and call them the Choir loft.
7ironman Name
Chris Atwood @motioninmeaning
Followed by @mygospelfriends the other day, so I started listening. They brought up @dustinkensrue and that sealed the deal. I’m sold.

Caretaker Man (@baptistfixer)
10/31/14, 7:30 PM
@mygospelfriends Ashes on the floor? Y’all need to stop singing “Fire Fall Down” before someone gets hurt!#StrangeFire


The Aftershow

Embarrassing Fast Food Fails



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