“The Fix Is In”, Episode 24 of The Gospel Friends

“The Fix Is In”
Episode 24 of The Gospel Friends


The Cold Open

What’s On Tap?

What Were You Thinking?!?


The Undercard

Game: The Basic Bible Trivia Game, Chase


The Main Event

From Old Paths Guide Would love to hear discussion on women teaching Sunday School. #SeriousTweet

Hall Monitor

Being a Christian Doesn’t Always Look Like You Think It Should


Listener Feedback

Chris Atwood @motioninmeaning
Followed by @mygospelfriends the other day, so I started listening. They brought up @dustinkensrue and that sealed the deal. I’m sold.
@mygospelfriends You guys associated haggis,kilts,and bagpipes with Ireland.My ancestors are rolling in their graves! http://t.co/StHie2f1fn
@mygospelfriends I’m almost caught up through episodes. A few episodes back caught my ear.I’d pay for the book “Calvanism According to Nick”

@mygospelfriends I’d give you a rating on iTunes, but I don’t want to accept the Mark of the iBeast. Any ideas?

BT Horton @iconicinfidel
@mygospelfriends are the three minsters named “Larry, Moe and Curly”?

Tony Vance (the Director)
@mygospelfriends ep. 23 The General seemed Driscollesque, and a great addition. On second thought, Driscoll is not busy right now, see if…

What is the worst fast food item you’ve ever had? Tweet us back on these questions to be on the next show! (#3) http://t.co/Jy82NZrvk6

Eric Lopez @bigeasy3737
@mygospelfriends The McRib!! Hands down.
Samuel Lovell (The Doctor) @Samuel_Lovell
@mygospelfriends A Big Mac. It did terrible things to me.
The Aftershow

From Kevin & Chrystal: http://twistedsifter.com/2014/11/austin-light-illustrates-movie-titles-with-one-letter-removed/

Christian best sellers changed by one letter?



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